Grandmaster Chess Endgames #1

This video series explores endgame play by the very best at chess. This video analyzes an endgame that took place between Fischer as white and Cardoso as black in 1958, with Fischer creating a strong endgame position and capitalizing on it through solid positional play.

For a PGN copy of the game covered in the video, please visit htt://


  1. he did them pawns dirty…. Fisher was a problem

  2. For those who doesn't understand the lesson, like Jrobichess said, take little advantages. You see now how strong a bishop can be and how you can utilize it to victory in the endgame, that's how I see it.

  3. The knight is forced to defend in that position, meaning it can't move. As an example, B4 attacks the knight and it would have to move.

  4. Not a problem – I actually enjoyed looking through the game again. Thanks for checking out the vid!

  5. in 8:30 does it make a different if black plays knight D6?

  6. INSANE ENDING the way Fischer leaves his pawn to be killed to munch up the other pawns….

  7. No because the knight can move one sideways and two down not three down so white is safe. The knight is protecting the pawn on e4.

  8. sell your soul to the devil.

    Or years and years of total complete dedication to the game.

    Or be born with the Chess gene.

  9. Great comment downding! Looks like a very solid reply to nakorsha's idea of KB7.

  10. Haha, Fischer's Kc4 at the end resulted in an ironic stituation for black. Black's king was all the way over on a6 capturing a pawn while white was preparing 3 pawns on the other side of the board to promote.

  11. why doesnt white play bishop c4 to e6 on his first move winning the knight

  12. Because black just takes the bishop with the knight.

  13. jesus! I don't see how I could ever play that well….

  14. That's an intermediate endgame tactic called "fox in the chicken coup" which is when you use an outside passed pawn to draw the king away from his other pawns.

  15. This endgame reminds me of Pacman :). Your videos really made me enjoy the game of chess so much more. You're a hero, keep it up!

  16. really great channel/games, voice very clear and really fun to watch, nice video(s) dude

  17. @MrMalaysia94 Because the B pawn would have been recaptured by the rook after

  18. Very well explained. The initial position was basically dead won for white, but it still had to be carried out without error; the vid shows how, clearly, and with excellent commentary.

  19. Thanks for checking it out and commenting Cara!

  20. @dhundupdolker easier for white:
    1. … Nxg4
    2. hxg4 h3
    3. Bd5 …

    White can now take on e5 next move and stop the pawn queening on h1.

  21. Hello …i think you already know that it is a great video cause you uploaded it…you speak english really clear and those how say comment thinks as"i hate your voice"are not european….anyway i just wanted to ask you where didi you download the analysis board,cause i also want to download one but I'm a bit afraid of internet traps….just send me a link if you mind…Thanks a lot

  22. Thank you so much for the video! I was just wondering, what type of analysis engine do you use?

  23. i love all your videos. i checked the video you made on the 2010 world championships and it was just awsome, thank you so much

  24. at 7:56 couldn't black take the pawn on g4 with the knight and win a pawn with both queens promoting? And then a checkmate by bringing the queen over to c1?

  25. i would have rather played Nd3 blocking the rook attack

  26. at 7:00 , why doesn't black move his knight to E3 and checkmate white? am i missing something? i'm still a minor beginner.

  27. what about fischer playing Kb4 insted of Kc4 that makes it very dangerous for black to take the pawn on a6

  28. how come at 7:59 rudolpho or whoever didn't take the pawn at G4 instead of retreating. if the pawn at h3 takes the knight then the black pawn on the H file could promote. If the pawn didn't take the knight, it could have taken the pawn at f2 then the h3 one. Why didn't he do that? Was he afraid of promotion from white?

  29. jrobi i like your previous board and pieces colour theme not this one
    sorry to comment but nonetheless the commentary is great

  30. I have a question, has anyone played against Shredder online? If so, do you know pretty much its rating on easy/medium/hard?

  31. yeah that actually would have been an excellent move

  32. If black had played ..Nxg4 right after g4, white wouldn't have been able to recapture the knight with the pawn because of ..h3. Instead white would be forced to play Be6, which would diminish black's advantage on the queenside because black would play ..g4 if the bishop ever moves out of the c8-h3 diagonal.

  33. White could capture here because, even with black winning the pawn race, white's pawn would turn in a queen with check. That's in a pure pawn race, of course. If black moves the queen after the h3 move to capture the a pawn, then all white have to do is put the bishop at d5, followed by Bxe4, and black can't queen his pawn. It's completely winning for white.

  34. Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers says:

    Thanks for telling us the definition of opposition. I almost forgot it from the 4,682 times you stated it in the previous video in this playlist!

  35. Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers says:

    By the way jrobi, i hope you don't take any of my recent comments personally. i know it's difficult to decipher tone through text, but they are all meant to be friendly ribs, not criticisms.

    After watching several different users posting match analyses, i can see that yours are BY FAR the best on YouTube. Too many users go off on these ridiculous tangents and speak purely in hypotheticals. I only wish that you would do a similar commentary on the 2011 and 2012 WCCs that you did on the 2010 WCC

  36. i am at 3:35

    Study the timestamps, from both sides of the Board.
    so that you don't limit your ability to learn from white's view and blacks.

    I am going to study the timestamps as white first.






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