Grandmaster Chess Endgames #1

This video series explores endgame play by the very best at chess. This video analyzes an endgame that took place between Fischer as white and Cardoso as black in 1958, with Fischer creating a strong endgame position and capitalizing on it through solid positional play.

For a PGN copy of the game covered in the video, please visit htt://


  1. awesome video, thanks again for posting all of these incredibly helpful videos. Much Praise.

  2. Great video J,Are you Canadian Jrobi?

  3. Thanks panthersx – I am looking forward to making more in this series.

  4. Thanks Bobitoz – I found it helpful because Fischer had basically built up a position he wanted to work with, which is something good to work towards in planning.

  5. Thanks RedmapleGamer – I appreciate the comment!

  6. Thanks mrbensdonair – I live in Southern Alberta, which is basically north of Montana.

  7. thanks for putting this video.
    i learned alot from what you showed!!
    btw, what is the programe you used??

  8. You explain very well. Thanks nice video. I was expecting it to be boring but it was quite good lol.

  9. Brilliant, Do you ever make it down to vancouver?

  10. Thanks mrbensdonair! I have been there before and had a fantastic time! I really enjoy the smell of the ocean as soon as I get off the plane. I haven't been there for a few years now though.

  11. The series you mention will all be continued moving forward as I make videos for each one. I like to spread my focus of study around the various subjects (endgames, tactics, openings, etc).

    Thanks for the feedback Florian – and once again every series will continue to get new videos as time marches on and my study continues.

  12. Thanks ZsSuperCumulo – I will definitely keep them coming!

  13. you should publish a chess 'zine. the way you present the theory is so instructive and accessible.

  14. Hi jrobi
    Thanks so much for posting this endgame analysis! Just recently I was in a high school team playing OTB against other schools, and had a roughly equal game with chances for both sides but lost because of my weak endgame (it was Q+N+P's for both sides). It is clear that the endgame is an area I need to work on, and these endgame videos presenting practical situations are a great tool for me. I am sure in saying that the rest of the Youtube community finds it equally beneficial.

  15. I like your videos, but I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with this one, jrobichess. The vast majority of this video is simply narration of the moves (Fischer moves here, Cardoso moves there), which is not really helpful, since we can SEE where they moved. What would be helpful is to describe the principles at work in the game. The little that you do of that is good (e.g., king opposition), but it needs much more. Again, I like your videos, but I think this one could have been better.

  16. Oh! my comrade battling Fischer

  17. Wow that pawn munch was spectacular. I wouldn't have spotted that as something to design.

  18. Great video. I love the way Fischer lured the black king way over to the left side of the board, then moved his own king quickly to the right. Reminds me of a football move when you fake left then run right.

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