Greatest Chess Players in World History


  1. I'm missing Paul Morphy in everyones list!

  2. Alehin beats Capa, but is 10th and Capa is 4th??? Also what is Kramnik is doing in top 10? Who made this pole?

  3. Even 13 years old magnus is better than Kasparov

  4. Paul Morphy with current computer help would be like 3000 ELO, dude was beyond brilliant and practically fine tuned to play chess, he retired at 22 because nobody was even close to him.

  5. Can someone explain why Emanuel Lasker ranked 8 in this list? If i'm right he held the title for over 27 years, so can someone explain why he is 8 in this list?

  6. Paul Morphy not being on here is criminal

  7. Kramnik??? No way. Not sure if botvinik should be there either. Still put Fischer as no1

  8. I am pissed vishy isn't in top 5. I wouldn't have minded if this was the list of "Strongest players" but it's the list of Greatest. In my view vishy is many times greater than most of thse players.

  9. This is my top five list.

    1) Kasparov
    2) Magnus
    3) Bobby Fisher
    4) Mikhail Tal
    5) Vishy Anand.

    To all the India hating idiots, Vishy may not be the strongest but he is definitely one of the greatest. He was five times worl champaion. In his peak he went toe-to-toe with Kasparov. He ended the Russian monopoly, introduced the use of engines in preparing for openings. He inspired the entire india by becoming the first Grandmaster of india, he trained many young indians and inspired even more and now today india is the most strongest chess nation.

  10. Pragg and gukesh are coming❤❤❤❤

  11. 13 year old Magnus Carleton drawed Garry Kasparov idk I think Magnus is #1

  12. After winning back to back both rapid and blitz championship in 2022 and 2023, there's no argument about Magnus being the greatest of all times, especially when the competition is a lot harder than other eras. He's literally playing against some of the best players in history.
    Magnus has won every title there is above the competition in every chess format. Absolutely amazing player.

  13. The style of mikhail tal playing chess is defferent from all , he is a sigma , brilliant ,awesome 😎 ❤❤player😈👿🧠

  14. Waste video michel tal is top bro idc but tal is tal

  15. I wish you would put the ratings, years active, and total world championships wins with these names. The list would not hold up. The lore of before means nothing now🤗😊

  16. Bro names his channel magnustal and then puts Magnus at number 2

  17. Magnis Carlsen was 13 when he tied with Garry Kasparov also Bobby fisher and Hikaru Nakamura should be on the list

  18. Where's our indian hero vishy 😢

  19. As Filipino

  20. Lord Gary is scary 🤣 He is so much more then a chess player. Gary told Putin to suck a dick and risked being sent to gulag.

  21. 1.Paul morphy
    3.mikhail tal
    4.bobby fischer

  22. Its hard to measure different times. Magnus have rapid and blitz aswell. They both share 1th. Garry and Magnus.

  23. Honourable Mentions : Viswanathan Anand, Paul Morphy & Tigran Petrosian.
    This Source was taken from (Link –

    But this list is considered a bit inaccurate by many, especially by *GM Hikaru Nakamura*.
    Such as – Vishwanathan Anand deserves in Top 6th Position by most sources.

    But it is very difficult to rank Top 10 Chess players of all time considering all statistics, time period etc…
    I would suggest to read the analysis done by *Wikipedia*. (Considering all statistics, time period, etc…)
    Link –

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