He just sacrifice πŸ’Ž THE ROOK πŸ’Ž #chessbrillantmoves #chessbrillant #rooksacrifice #chess #shorts


  1. how do you even put the bishop there?? before king wouldve been in check?

  2. And that’s checkmate

    4th comment πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Pawn f3 to f4 puts pressure on the queen. Either Queen moves back or takes pawn. Either way King takes bishop unless queen moves to f5. Knight d1 to f2 is also a good shout. The queen doesn’t have to take the rook it’s only threatening the a2 pawn which is protected by the queen. Pawn f3 doesn’t have to take Bishop either. Like I said pawn f3 can put pressure on the queen.

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