Hikaru Checkmates with a Rook & Knight

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  1. THIS IS THE MOST LIKED CHESS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE ❤️& ALSO THE MOST VIEWED CHESS VIDEO IN TERMS OF YOUTUBE SHORTS 💙Thank You 💌✨GAME – Hikaru Nakamura(Right) vs Boris Savchenko(Left) [World Blitz Championship 2010, Moscow]

  2. Why is nobody talking about the fact that Hikaru played the Scandinavian Defense? 😭😭

  3. The clock needs an Oscar for enduring that game

  4. Me that didn't know what just happened💀

  5. Поставлю лайк, вроде что-то жесткое они там играют

  6. That's how they slap their step sis😅

  7. allah ın belaları, biz sonsuz cahilliğimizde mutlu yaşarken nereden çıkıyorsunuz karşıma.çok canım sıkılıyor,kuş vuralım

  8. They are Fucking Smashing the timer.

  9. こんなに押す力強いと壊れた無いかな?

  10. The other player stopping a moment to think about next particular move meanwhile hikaru predicting next few hundred possibilities 😅

  11. Bro plays faster than i my imagination

  12. If dream was a chess speedrun profesional instead of a Minecraft speedrunner

  13. watch be like "guys be gentle" 😂😂😂 slapped so hard !

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