Hikaru In Utter Disbelief At The Power Of Carlsen’s Endgame

Hikaru In Utter Disbelief At The Power Of Carlsen’s epic chess Endgame – Hikaru Nakamura vs Magnus Carlsen in the Speed Chess Championship 2017. Classic Nakamura vs Carlsen encounter.

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  1. Great commentary and descriptions play by play. Well done

  2. Scotch is not Scottish but whisky, which gives the opening a very different meaning.

  3. Magnus can see every small detail in the endgame.

  4. @EpicChess what football club do you support 😅

  5. Magnus is immense …… this is the main reason he is in a different league. The small nuances in an ending belong to him lock stock and barrel. The 'young pretenders' can only play a two thirds of a game by comparison. He will ALWAYS beat anyone in a match over the board in long time controls. In this respect Naka or the others are not even close.

  6. Hikaru’s childhood opening was the Scotch! ☺️

  7. Hikaru outplayed him completely. Magnus just doesn't make game losing blunders…kind of boring, dry style , Nothing Like TAL…but effective vs humans…

  8. Dude ! You talk too much ! Just tell about what happened, instead of all the speculation about what they should, would , or could have done…..😮

  9. Great Game Hikaru played very well it looked like this would be his Game Magnus counterplay paid off for him Hikaru was not playing for a Draw he was playing for the Win if he were a bit more precise he would’ve had spoils go to the Victor tho all hail the chief Magnus Carlsen 😅

  10. In my opinion, Hikaru is so much better than Magnus, but Hikaru always chokes against Magnus because he looks up to him and Magnus makes him extremely nervous. I wish they could play blindly where Hikaru was just going about playing without realizing it was Magnus, he would beat him I guarantee!

  11. Hikaru in the present surpassed Carlsen in blitz and learned how to play against Magnus..hikaru is the best blitz player of all time

  12. great comment for the algoritm. keep going with the good work !

  13. Don't you guys know Magnus is cheating with imperfect engine while he is accusing Hans of cheating?

  14. Hikaru blew it in the middle game and tilted in the end game. Ouch.

  15. 14:11 I've never seen an evaluation bar drop from 0.0 draw to -31 dead lost with a single move. That's insane. And I couldn't immediately see what was wrong with Ke6?, which proves I'll never be a GM. lol

    14:16 Magnus missed it also!! Now I don't feel so bad. Apparently the key move was 1…a4!! with an evaluation of -72 or a forced mate in 20 moves!! This move puts White into Zugzwang, after which it may have continued: 2.Kf5 Qc5+ 3.Qxc5 bxc5 4.Ke5 Kc2 5.b4 axb3 6.Ke4 b2 7.a4 b1=Q 8.Kd5 Qa2+ 9.Kc6 Qxa4+ … or it may have continued 2.Qf3+ Qe3+ 3.Qxe3+ Kxe3 4.Kd5 Kd3 5.Kc6 Kc2 6.Kb5 Kb3 7.Ka6 Kxb2 8.Ka7 Kxa3 9.Ka6 b5 …

    14:21 Hikaru blundered with 2.a4?, dropping the evaluation down to -153. Instead, he should've played 2.Qf3+ Kc2 3.Kd7 Qd4+ 4.Kc6 a4 5.Qh1 Qc5+ 6.Kb7 b5 7.Ka6 Kb2 8.Ka5 Qc4 9.Qg1 Kxa3 10.Qa1+ …

    14:23 Magnus blundered with 2…Qb4, bringing the evaluation back to -2.5. He should've played 2….Qd4 3.Qf3+ Qe3+ 4.Qxe3+ Kxe3 5.Kd5 Kd3 6.Ke5 Kc4 7.Ke4 Kb4 8.Kd3 Kxa4 9.Kc3 Ka3 10.Kc4 a4 …

    14:29 4.Qe2+ was indeed the best move for Hikaru. But in the video, he expects Magnus to play 4…Kb3, which is a slight inaccuracy, as it has an evaluation of -1.24 and Hikaru should continue with 5.Qd1+ Kc4 6.Kd7 Qc5 7.Qb1 Kc3 8.Kd8 Qd6+ 9.Kc8 Qc6+ 10.Kb8 Qxa4 11.Qe1+ Kb2 12.Qf2+ Qc2 13.Qxb6+ …
    Instead, Magnus' best response with an evaluation of -3.30 was actually 4….Qd2 5.Qe5 Kb1 6.Ke7 Ka2 7.Ke8 Qd1 8.Qf4 Ka3 9.Qf6 Qxa4+ 10.Kd8 Qb3 11.Qa1+ Kb4 12.Qd4+ Kb5 …

    14:56 "Hikaru should've played on, but he was just tilting."
    Yes, the computer analysis agrees that this position is still very draw-ish because of perpetual checks from White's Queen.

  16. 14:56 "Hikaru should've played on, but he was just tilting."
    Yes, the computer analysis agrees that this position is still very draw-ish because of perpetual checks from White's Queen.

  17. Have the rules changed? Thought you couldn't castle after being checked. I'm aware you can't castle out of check, but thought any check makes subsequent castles illegal.

  18. This guy was raised in the hood of Harlem and faking his accent. Why?

  19. Has a 'no-increment, but time chip (whatever the value and probably only a single one)' game ever been put through the paces? The added stress of being vigilant about when best to strategically burn it might result in some elevated drama.

  20. Just the right skill level for commentary. Nice work!

  21. nothing more mind-boggling than that rook-pawn endgame.

  22. I love seeing Hikaru suffer ❤❤❤

  23. clickbait title. It's just a game between Magnus and Hikaru

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