Hikaru Nakamura Teaches Endgame Visualization | Master Chess

Hikaru Nakamura gives a master class on endgame visualization in solving advanced tactics puzzles in chess.

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  1. according to chat, Qh7 is the best move, it infact is not the best move. It is the worst move because it hangs the queen in one move.

  2. That one is traxler counter gambit to fried liver attack

  3. Best way to practice your visualization is doing your daily puzzles and solve them by closing your eyes and going through all the moves remembering the entire setup while you do it….do simple puzzles first though xD

  4. But he cant see the mate in 25 that the 600 player saw.

  5. This is some of Jaron’s best work imo. From the classical music, to the professional “promotional intro” production value to the thumbnail with Hikaru’s hands by his face – absolutely superb stuff 😂👏

  6. “I got some spaghetti to tide me over”
    – Master Chess

  7. Lmao! Thumbnail looked like a drag queen or a model posing 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Anyone else here spotting themselves on twitch chat window?

  9. No one:
    Literally no one:
    Hikaru when drawing arrows: ey ey ey ey check check ey ey

  10. Bro who ever is doing the thumb nails for Hikaru's videos 👏🤣

  11. its 5am, I just woke up and its spaghetti puzzle time!

  12. When I saw the thumbnail all I thought was ; What is Hikaru doing in prison?

  13. 5 minutes ago me: i weak in endgame
    Me scrolling youtube : smiles

  14. Note to self: Bring bacon to the next chess tournament to distract Hikaru.

  15. "I dont know i dont wana think too much, i'm gona castle"

  16. Thumbnail suggested he’s gonna make fried rice

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