How is this a draw? Queen vs Rook Pawn Endgame


  1. You can win this by playing the queen on the dark squared diagonal

  2. When the king was on c1 you could go queen do b3

  3. Unless the king is in the range of a5 to d5, d4, e4 to e1. That box. Then white can win.

  4. ??? if king is in the pocket then why cant you put queen on a black square

  5. Bro, the true question is the locstion of the king's. What'd they do? Go shopping? They went across the border. They really went on a whole vacation

  6. pawn takes out Queen with b3 and Queen makes the path for the pawn to get a free promotion

  7. No its mate in 3 moves
    QD4(Check) – KB1
    QC3 – (Force)KA1
    QC1 Checkamate Get ya Latte

  8. Towards the end when you were chasing the kind and he went c1, couldn’t you have just placed the queen st b3 so he would have to give up the pawn and proceed to win the game?

  9. But when king is c1 you can go queen b3 instead of a3 and that wins you the pawn right?

  10. Hikaru’s flagging skills has left the chat

  11. When bro looks down he looks like he is measuring his pp size but doesnt know how to measure stuff

  12. ""The white pieces wanna try to mate 💀"

  13. why can't we move queen to a file and just keep moving our king and mate?

  14. how bout

    queen d4, king b1, queen d3.

    if king c1, queen a3, king b2, queen b2, king a1, queen d1, king b2, queen d2

    if king a1, queen c1 is mate

    if king a3, queen c3, king has to move away from the pawn and queen b2 wins the pawn

    if king b3

    and if queen d4, king, b1 , queen d3,king a1, then queen c3, king b2, queen a3, king a1, and queen c1 is mate

    edit: if im missing a move tell me in the replies and ill either try to see the error of my ways, or stubbornly conitinue this arguement

  15. On the 15th move queen b3 wins because it forces the king away from the pawn and the queen takes it

  16. When the king was at c1 instead of moving to a3 couldn’t you have gone to b3 and won the pawn?

  17. cant you just block the final row with the queen? and then move the king up

  18. You can just put your queen on A 5 then bring your king then checkmate

  19. Lmao nah it's a win cus you can cause a opposition to the king and queen make a count of checks until he is one block away then move your king again and move from there

  20. No it is not you could won the pawn instead of checking him

  21. You might be able to if you can get the king in a1 and play queen c1

  22. When king goes to c1 the queen could go to b3 then that won't allow the king to protect his pawn so you can just take it

  23. when black goes c1 you can go b3 and black loses his pawn…

  24. always play it out people miss input way more than you would think

  25. Can you let him Queen et try fork by chance may be ?

  26. But at 0:35 you can move the queen to b3 so you can take the pon without the king moving back and you just win from there?

  27. what if every time the king goes to a1 the white king progresses until it reaches a3 to take the pawn

  28. What about Qd1 Kg2 Qd2 if kh1 Qe1# and if kh3 Qf1 and after king moves Qh1

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