How to build a Fortress in Chess | Must-Know defensive Method for the Endgame

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In this series about bishop endgames, you will learn how to play endgames with opposite and same colored bishops. These two types of endgames will be covered in detail based on practical examples which often appear in chess games. Not only will you learn different techniques and methods on how to win these endgames with bishops and pawns, but also techniques on how to hold a draw, like the so called “Fortress” in case you are down in material.

In this video, IM Andrey Ostrovskiy will focus on the main method of making a draw in the opposite colored Bishop endgame, the so called “Fortress”.

What is a Fortress?
The Fortress is the specific position in which the strongest side despite a great advantage, a material advantage or positional advantage, can’t make progress. In case the stronger side has a pawn chain, with all pawns on the same colour as his bishop, then there is the possibility to blockade these pawns, with the king and bishop.

King + Bishop + 2 separate Pawns (single Pawns/ Pawn islands):
The bishop controls two single pawns (the next squares of these two pawns) with one bishop on the same diagonal. A precise strategy is required, which will be shown in the video.

King + Bishop + 3 Pawns (one Pawn is on the a-file) vs King + Bishop + 1 Pawn:
Black’s king is moving (=active king) in order to stop the movement of the opponent’s king.

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  2. Hello IM Andrey, your explanation is exceptionally clear. Thanks a million for the lesson, hoping to see more from you.

  3. i enjoyed it so much, waiting for more similar rules, thanx

  4. These types of videos deserve a lot of views actually because ppl just don't understand the importance of endgames like these and just focus on openings and middlegames….. But having these endgame knowledge makes us convert a losing positions to draw.

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