How To Calculate In Chess

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How to calculate in chess. Super important lesson on calculation for beginners, intermediate, advanced players, or checkers professionals.

0:00 Intro
1:03 Beginners Game 1
7:52 Beginners Game 2
12:10 Puzzles
15:39 Intermediate/Advanced
18:48 Advanced Example 2
22:02 Advanced Example 3
24:15 Example 4
27:04 Example 5

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  1. It hurts especially when you blunder a queen from a superior position

  2. Holy sheit this channel has skyrocketed since I last visited, and he was only on 1 mil and most of his videos never got past 100k. Look at this man now. Fanstastic just like his skills for this game.

  3. My takeaway from this as a sub 700 player: "Think Harder" Dayum, I was hoping for something a little easier than that.

  4. I remember watching this video when it came out!!!

  5. Thanks to this channel I am getting better and better in chess

  6. Small error. "King cant move." You meant to say "Knight cant move." or "Knight Pinned". 9:22
    Great video tho! Thankyou!

  7. i basically just started playign chess, around a week now and i've been watching a lot of your videos and during this week i managed to reduce my blunders from 48 to 6-9. i still struggle some, but learning those tricks and how to calculate has been helping me a lot

  8. Chess players are so greedy, stuck up on a single damn pawn man !!

  9. Practice your calculation skillz with chess puzzles.

  10. Omg tysm gotham love u im playing much better i got 1000 rating now tysm🎉❤

  11. i think in the first intermidate game queen h8 then bxh8 then rxh8 is mate i think so ya

  12. opponent planning their opening while Hikaru plans checkmate

  13. Get ready for the headaches to begin guys. 😂

  14. greywolf8320 is right
    I calculated so much and sacrificed the night for nothing
    Well I lost that chess game that I played on a board but in that tournament I still came 3rd and the guy who beat me came 4th
    That was a great feeling

  15. as a beginner chess player, this video was really helpful

  16. God, can't believe I never saw this when it came out. I gotta say this one gold. I'm just happy I could capture a lot of the lessons you wanted to transmit. Thanks.

  17. how do i get better at calculating my chess moves?

  18. Everyone in the comments are rated 1000 and up, yet im a 250 trying to figure out how not to be complete shit

  19. This video is legit, I’m still working on avoiding blunders. Thanks Gotham 🤙

  20. Levy:How to calculate in chess
    Me : just become hikaru😂

  21. I'd love to play with u some day….if possible (I'm just 930)😅

  22. Hi Gotham bro , I am just 800 somehow defeated upto 1400elo no coach only videos from your channel as quide , "why cant we sack our queen on intermediate game first game – at h8 -forced take from bishop and rook to h8 mate".18.05 game – Like this comment if you saw this and Please guide me to improve my chess I am very dedicated I play chess 8-9hrs a day even as a software engineer.

  23. 1. What does opponent want
    2.Have any checks
    3.Have any captures

  24. I'm out of there…but thanks that was a good video Mr Gotham!

  25. I got to 1032 elo in 5 days and I'm very happy, now my calculation skills are being improved greatly because of Levy's tips. I love the way chess has such a disorganized organization in the right way to play and hope to be 1600 in a few weeks or months. Keep grinding everyone and just get better fr 😂

  26. Levy slipping in chess is a mandatory subject for kids in Armenia lmao dead
    He is our anarchy chess GOD

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