How to Checkmate with a Rook & King | Chess Endgame Basics, Strategy, Moves & Ideas to Win

Checkmate with a Rook & a King in the Endgame – In this chess tutorial, I will show you a simple step-by-step method to win this endgame quickly within 20 moves. The strategy is to use your rook & king to restrict your opponent’s moves, avoid stalemate and finally mate the white/black king on any side of the board. In this chess video, you will learn an easy & probably the best method to win the king & rook vs king endgame. Here are some basic tips:
1. Understand key concepts such as opposition, mating patterns, zugzwang & waiting moves
2. Drag your opponent’s king to an edge of the board by using the idea of restriction
3. If you have the opposition, you can mate him straight away with your rook
4. If you don’t have the opposition, play waiting moves & drag him to a corner
5. Follow with your king & avoid stalemate
6. And finally Checkmate your opponent with the rook within 50 moves to avoid a draw

0:00 Basic Chess Endgames – King & Rook vs King
0:18 King & Rook Checkmate Pattern
0:52 How to checkmate when the king is on the side of the board?
1:25 Zugzwang & waiting moves
2:32 How to drag the enemy king to a side of the board?
5:43 A Faster Way to checkmate
6:43 King-Rook Endgame Test – Chess Puzzle

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  1. Kc6 black king is forced a7.
    Waiting move with rook .
    The he isforce to corner.
    Kingc7 black ka7 force and a beautiful smothered checkmate with rook😀

  2. I like this guy
    He is straight to the point
    No chess coordinate crap

  3. I have figured it out I have solved it I think it took me a lot of work but here it is (white) kc6 (black) ka7 (white) rb6 (black) ka8 (white) ra6 (black) kb8 (white) kb6 (black) kc8 (white) ra7 (black) kd8 (white) kc6 (black) ke8 (white) kd6 (black) kf8 (white) ke6 (black) kg8 (white) kf6 (black) kh8 (white) kg6 (black) kg8 (white) ra8 is checkmate I hope I got this right chess talk plz respond it took me so so long to find this so I hope I got it right because to me it made sense also k means king if your going to be confused 😅 thanks for the puzzle you made me think hope I see another puzzle 🙂

  4. White moves Rb1 black moves Ka5 white moves Ra1# Which is checkmate. Going back. If black moves Ka6 White Moves Kc6. SO you push the black king all the way to the top of the board. Black is forced to move Ka7. White moves Kc7. Black moves Ka8. White moves Rb2 Black is forced to move Ka7. Finally, White moves to Ra2# which is checkmate. – Thank you for teaching me my favorite gambits are the king's gambit, queen, and halosar trap. This is making me a much better chess player. You are the best teacher of chess. Even my friends watch you too.

  5. Puzzle A
    R- B2 White
    K – A7 black
    K- C6 White
    K- A7 Black
    K- C7 White
    K- A7 is forced to black
    R – A2 # and White Wins

  6. Hi sir. Please can u make a video of queen vs rook endgame?

  7. Rook to b1 king to a7 king to C6 maintaing a knights distance king to a8 king to c7 king to a7 rook to a1 checkmate

  8. white king c6 black king a7 white rook b6 black king a7 white king c7 black king a8 white rook a6

  9. kc6 ka7 kc7 ka8 ra5# or another way is kc6 ka7 rb1 ka8 kc7 ka7 ra1#

  10. Rook to b1 then if he comes to front of our king we can give checkmate and if he go anathor side we follow him with king

  11. King to c6
    (Black's king forced move: a7)
    Rook to a5

    That's a CHECKMATE!!!

  12. Your videos have been helping my chess skills a lot


  14. The puzzle answer is-
    1. Kc6 | Ka7
    2. Rb6 | Ka8
    3. Kc7 | Ka7
    4. Rc6 | Ka8
    5. Ra6#

  15. Rb3, Ka7, Kc6, Ka8, Kc7, Ka7, Ra3 Check Mate.

  16. Came here fuming after timeout vs insufficient material

  17. Thank you very much chess talk my sister always says that there can't be a checkmate by King and rook in endgame but today I checkmated her with king and a rook

  18. White- RB2 Balck-KA7 White-KC6 Black-KA8 White- KC7 Black- KA7 Black- RA2 Boom! Checkmate

  19. what if black king moving right and left everytime doesn't make the this pattern 🤣🤣🤣 I don't know what i can do

  20. rb1, kc6, kc7, ra1 checkmate, unless they hang checkmate after rb1.

  21. Kc6, kc7 , kc7, kc8 , waiting move with our rook , king is forced to move to kc8, and we deliever a mate

  22. first you play a waiting move which makes your rook closer to your king (Rb1) now you put black in zugzwang if black king moves to a5 then rook a1 is checkmate but if black king to a7 then you move your king c6 keeping knights distance away from the black king now it is black turn if he moves to a6 then rook a1 is checkmate but if he moves to a8 then you king to c7 again keeping knights distance away from the king now since it Blacks turn his only legal move king to a7 and rook a1 is a stunning checkmate

  23. Could probably teach an octopus to play chess. Wouldn't that be fun, Instead of playing engines.

  24. Ah yes, it brings me memories about my first tournament

  25. Thank you very much my teacher always angry me but now they dont bc of your teaching 😊

  26. The test solution is:
    1. Kc6, Ka7
    2. Rb6, Ka8
    3. Kc7, Ka7
    4. Rc6, Ka8
    5. Ra6 And that's a check and mate.

  27. we can mate whit 2 rooks one in the file and rowes

  28. I always become a draw when this happen thank you for telling me

  29. Literally it’s my game but don’t know how to do checkmate with rook & simply game draw 😢

  30. Excellent instruction and clarity in this endgame technique.

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