How to Checkmate with Queen & King | Chess Basics for Beginners | Chess Endgame Strategy to WIN

This video covers a simple 5 step strategy to checkmate your opponent with only a king & queen in the endgame. This is a basic chess tutorial for beginners to avoid stalemate & win such an endgame in an easy manner! This video also covers a quick & simple method on how to checkmate with 2 queens in the endgame.

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This endgame lesson will be very useful for players who have just started playing chess or are still learning the game. This moves & ideas will make sure you avoid a stalemate and easily win the game. At the end, I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you all. You need to find the best move continuation for white. Let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Timestamps:
0:00 How to Checkmate with Only Queen & King
2:51 How to Checkmate with 2 Queens
4:46 Chess Puzzle

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  1. When the opponent king is in a corner and we bring are king closer to the enemy king,he only has two moves- Ka8,Ka7 so won’t it be a draw by repetition?

  2. We won in only two moves that is. First Qc3 then black take our queen and we moves our knight to b6 and this is checmate

  3. The best move is for White is Qd2 if white queen takes black queen then he is gone because knight to b6 is game over .

  4. Even when King is alone, opponent queen can only kill him with the help of opponent King.

  5. Pov : you stalemated an endgame with a queen and a king

  6. Thaaaank you!! Finally a Q+K vs K video that actually works!

  7. I just played an hour long game went from blundering my queen to promoting a pawn still the game ended in draw by repetition lmao

  8. You just taught some guy in Tennessee how to win in this situation. Thanks!

  9. The only indian youtuber guy i can listen to 😀

  10. I just lost a game where I was black king, what to do then???

  11. I was black king in the first scenario, what to do then????

  12. Best move for white is as follow
    Bhishop at c7
    Then black try to capture bhishop by putting queen at a2
    Then white capture knight on d8
    Hence the check mate

  13. Stop using queen
    U already moved king to edge so move ur king it faster

  14. was so frustrated I could not checkmate with a queen! …thank you for this video 😀

  15. Knight to B6
    If dose same,king C8 check , king C7 & B8 check by Bishop , king D7 check by Queen & it's CHECKMATE

  16. If you are watching this you must be under 900 elo am i right

  17. I've only ever stalemated in this position and almost thrown my computer out the window… WHYYYYY DON'T PEOPLE JUST RESIGN!!!! YOU LOSTTTTTTTTTTTT

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