How to Play in the Middlegame – Best Plans, Chess Strategies, Midgame Tips, Moves & Ideas to Win

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8 Best Chess Plans for the Middlegame – Most beginners & intermediate players prepare openings & play it well, but in the middle game, they struggle to find the best moves. In this video, you will learn some important plans, strategies, ideas & concepts to find good moves in the early middlegame. So, if you’re ever stuck or can’t figure out what to do in the middlegame, you can use these practical plans & strategies to come up with your next few moves. Basically, you will learn how to play in the middlegame & how to develop a plan or strategy in order to master the middlegame. These tactics & ideas will take you to the next level & help you win more games. There’s also an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


Middlegame Plans:
0:00 Middlegame Planning – Introduction
0:30 Plan #1 – Pawn Storm
1:03 Plan #2 – Positional Sacrifices
1:34 Plan #3 – Create a Battery
2:17 Plan #4 – Rook Lift
2:51 Plan #5 – Smart Exchanges
4:52 Plan #6 – Apply Pressure on your opponent’s pieces
5:40 Plan #7 – Reposition your Knights
6:41 Plan #8 – Activate your Bishops
7:29 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Puzzle solved – start with Rd4 Black move anything ,Qe3 Black to move anything ,Be6-check Black have to move his king at h8 ,Pone g7 is the checkmate

  2. Hi.. Sir, my kid playing chess very well. Any online learning platform to teach him. Please help me 🙏

  3. White bishop to e6 check
    Night takes and Queen to g7 IS checkmate

  4. Rxd4,if he takes we will also take
    Then there is attack on g7 if he protects by Rf7 or Nf5 he can't protect by Nf5 BxN will happen so he will denitely play Rf7 then we will play Be5 putting pressure on g7 as he will play Nf5 we will play Bxf5 he will play Qc7b then we will play h6xg7 he will took up pawn by rook then we will took rook by bishop then he will took rook by queen we will exchange queen and win easily

  5. i was looking for this solution and here it is thank u so much

  6. Black Bishop e4 best move automatic white winning advantage

  7. जय माँ आदिशक्ति says:

    चेस का आविष्कार भारत में हुआ था।

  8. White: BxE6+
    If Black: NxE6
    then White: Qxg7#
    Elif Black: QxE6
    then White: RxD4 and even if plays best lines black position goes passive
    Elif Black: Kh8
    then White: HxG7+ and then position is completely lost for black

  9. Thanks, so, much. My middle game needs a lot of practice lol.

  10. I only learn from you because you are the best teacher for chess

  11. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful strategies in an easy to understand video!!

  12. I was just at rating 300 your video lead to streak winning to 15 times and rating reached nearly 500 wow😮 thabks bro

  13. This happens all the time. I first 'ratta' the opening and then get stuck in the middle game.

    Edit: Eventually, the sweety is gone

  14. 1.fxg7 1…kxg7 2.Be5+
    We gain a knight this way

  15. I wanted to see middle game chess strategy. I ended up buying and extended warranty for my car I sold three years ago

  16. H takes on g7 king takes then bishop e5 check then take the night

  17. So you found an opening. You played… suspicious. And now you don't know what to do.

  18. One of the best chess educators in the world!!

  19. Puzzle answer : threaten the knight on d4 with the black square bishops if moves knight to somewhere safety then queen to g7 is mate and if gives knight a supporter then after takes and takes white is up more pieces and in a winning position

  20. This video has been very helpful to me. Way too many times I have found myself asking "now what?" after the opening. This video and the video on "how to reach 1800" have been extremely helpful to me. Thank you so much.

  21. i saw this tips and positions in chess vibes.

  22. Rook takes knight?
    rook takes rook, queen takes rook, threatening checkmate

  23. For the puzzle hxg7 because it opens up the g file .

  24. Gor the puzzle i think the best moves are pxg7 king has to capture or free rook if he attacks on the pawn us by the rook we defend with the bishop and we have a totally winning position

  25. i have seen your video of London game.
    and by watching this video i become great in chess.
    but after some time, i was losing matches just of mine bad middlegame plans.
    so please give me some better

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