How To Sacrifice EVERYTHING And WIN In Chess?

How To Sacrifice EVERYTHING And WIN In Chess?


  1. I mean how the heck did the black king just went to thay far💀💀

  2. First example white cante take that knight bc then the pawn takes the king

  3. How the hell even that king able to take the knight and the Bishop… This one was sussy chess.

  4. What if you move you king out of the pin and then promote?

  5. White king taking knight. The pawn:”bruh I’m right here”

  6. fam wym when king takes the bishop he's putting him self in check cant do that 💀

  7. How does the white king take.
    Doesn't the pawn take him???

  8. Rf6 au lieu de Rf8 : les Blancs font nul.

  9. Wait that be work but why pawn is hang in but take knight and bishop be the check and how

  10. When white king eat black queen at 1 scenario he sacrifice himself cuz there also pawn that defend queen

  11. Question what if BlackKing after C5 can't u just take the knight?

  12. King goes a8 and its stalemate ? After pawn takes knight

  13. What happens if King goes to C6 after the knight A6 check? Will it be a repetitive draw?

  14. after Na6 Kc8 Kc5 white can just take on a6 and black has no way of stopping the promotion

  15. How is white putting himself in Check🤦‍♂️😮‍💨

  16. I this position white sacrifices THE KIIINGG

  17. Did u nkt get him with the pawn when the king and pawn and white king was left ?

  18. King takes knight is check and illegal lol

  19. Ist white Made ilegal move With the king?

  20. White can simply don't accept bishop and it is will draw

  21. After u push your king 1 time white just capture the night

  22. At the end I thought white put his king into check lmfao

  23. Moves out of the potential skewer before promoting

  24. What if king moves after taking the knight and then promoting

  25. but what if when the black king got an opposition, the white king moves below the pawn? if king takes pawn then stalemate.

  26. "The lazy bishop"
    Topchess: No the simp bishop

  27. The real question is, Wtf are the kings doing at the opposite sides of their starting squares?

  28. Just move the king to a white square

  29. Camera man fid s little oppdie and started the video too late 😅

  30. But what if I didn't killed the bishop and killed the pawn instead

  31. The Bishop was lazy but now he's back on the game.

  32. In this position, Black sacrifices…EVERYTHING

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