How To Sacrifice EVERYTHING And WIN In Chess?

How To Sacrifice EVERYTHING And WIN In Chess?


  1. What if he takes my knight on the second move?


  3. if the white king go to the a8 is stalemate broh

  4. After knight to a6 white king to c8 and bringing the black king to c5, why wouldn't white just capture the knight on a6? It would allow them to promote and possible skewer the bishop


  6. Its already Done When the King Eat BeShep

  7. why wouldn't you do white king downwards? cap white wins anyway

  8. For me it was a mind Frick when white king took the queen

  9. He asks "Can you win with black?"
    But shows the board from the white player 's perspective!

  10. bruh how does king take the pawn is protecting the square

  11. My dumbass mind thought the pawn can take the king 💀💀💀

  12. no sé porque creí que los dos iban a coronar pal mismo lado 🤣

  13. In this position the knight is protected and my man is taking with a check

  14. My question is when does this ever happen why would the white king and black king be on opposing sides?

  15. Seeing this video at 3 am was like :
    Ayo how did the king take the bishop wasnt it a check by the pawn !?! 😂

  16. Take the queen using your pawn and promote to queen

  17. When we do the knight take and you do your king move what if I go k b8 ready to eat your pawn

  18. Just push b5 pawn take takes and make queen

  19. King takes bishop is NOW IN CHECK

  20. Oh wait I’m stupid 😂😂😂

  21. How does no one notice that the pawns went both way capturing the knight down and pro moving up

  22. Just move the king up before you promote to avoid the skewer

  23. Umm no you cant take back the knight since you will be in check because of pawn

  24. either the h-pawn hasnt moved or it can just promote and mate

  25. Bro how many illegal moves you are mad

  26. What if instead of promoting you go king b7?

  27. I thought why was that not check LMAO That's illegal

  28. To every other dumbass like myself: (it took me 20 minutes to realize) the pawn isn’t checking the king because it moves the other way. I was so confused but now no one should be.

  29. Ok im very curious about how these tutorial get pieces into that position and how can we use it in real game, all pieces get into a very weird position

  30. kdasjnfiupaesiupbiuadbuiadbu my brain is hurting ahhwhs

  31. Why does white move the king to d9, the king comes closer, and then you take the knight? That way when you promote it’s not a skewer anymore

  32. Lol king can’t take either way, check from black pawn

  33. When king takes, the pawn is checking them

  34. In this position we sac the bishop since it is useless as

  35. Bro I was confused which side of the board I'm on 😂

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