How to spot Corresponding Squares in chess endgames|Chess Endgame Lesson #6

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Hi everyone, this is my 6th video on chess Endgames regarding Corresponding Squares in chess. Corresponding squares are squares of reciprocal or mutual zugzwang. In order to understand the concept of corresponding squares, you first need to know about Triangulation, mined squares and opposition. You can learn these chess Endgame concepts by watching my previous chess videos. Hope you all would enjoy my video on Corresponding Squares and if you wanna see more chess endgame content like this, do subscribe my channel and click on the bell icon for more updates. Thanks for watching!


  1. At 4:09 How can b2 be corresponding to b3? These squares are next to each other.. no king can step on the other square if the other king one of these squares… perhaps you meant to say they both have same corresponding square?Very interesting and instructive videos. Thanks 🙂

  2. Dear CA, Thank you. This series is exactly what I want. Please suggest which chess book explain these concepts in details besides Dvoretsky End Game Manual.

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