How to study Endgames and Embarrass Yourself

Endgames can be deceiving

Practice on your own!



  1. If IM Rosen can't solve this, no reason for me to :).

  2. Endgames, and embarrassing myself. Cool I'm only good at one of these things.

  3. Thank you for showing the lichess tools. Just dont be over confident These position are not about solving them at bullet speeds anyways. Take one at a time with infinite time and show the ideas.

  4. king and pawn endgames look very easy but for me at least are the hardest endgames to calculate accurately.

  5. Thanks for instructional videos.hoping for a full series.

  6. Maybe mate in one can't be a draw, so the move counter resets one move before the mate.

    The reason it shows how many moves till mate is to see if the 50 move draw rule will occur before mate

  7. Sick rosen ? Also that is john's hello guys u thief 😂

  8. Thanks for the instructive video! It motivated me to start doing more drills myself. My way to solve the KPPP-KPP position was to make the f-pawn a passer and then win by continously getting the opposition with lots of triangulation (Black always made a pawn move after each time losing the opposition), until you could force your way in with the king.

  9. followed you on twitch, I don't really play chess that often but love your explanations of the strategy. Thanks for having a good channel.

  10. Love your videos, Eric. Practical and entertaining. Thanks!!

  11. Thank you for posting this video! most people hide there failures. Which does not show the full picture and makes otther people feel worse about there failures because they never see otther people failing. Also people can learn alot more from failures then from always seeing people's success. these are the kinds of videos that keep me playing chess after bad tournaments!

  12. i remember a game from 5 months ago i had a knight and bishop vs the king and it was at the time i just started playing chess and i was so frustrated that i couldnt checkmate him

  13. I saw a few good tid bits of your content in the last couple of days so i guess im going to subscribe

  14. 15:05, would kd4 work, with ideas to ke4, ke5? putting you in the same position, but blacks move?

  15. I'd just like to say that Stockfish definitely doesn't put the greatest resistance in KBN vs K endgame (going straight to the corner). I recommend Rybka or Leela for that endgame. I also tried the exercises and couldn't win the rook endgame with 1 min 🙁

  16. I tried this before I watched this video and I failed terribly. Good to know that even IM's struggle at this

  17. Not sure if this was streamed from twich from the start, but if it wasn't – uploading these videos when you fail is actually quite hard, it's much easier to just rerecord it and upload that, so props to you.

  18. sir please make a video on 3 vs 2
    and 2 vs 1 pawn ending. and please show technique to win it

  19. No offense, Eric. But how are you an International Master if you can't convert an endgame with 3 pawns to 2. I mean, admittedly so I would probably struggle with it, but…I'm not a master. But I admire your courage for still posting this.

  20. I haven't played chess for a long time. I recently found your videos, and they are enjoyable to watch and learn from. I find the analysis, including failures, really helpful to my own understanding of the game. Also nice to know you are human like the rest of us!

  21. I tried the pawn endgame myself on lichess. First – because I'm a coward after watching this – against level 4 – and that was easy. Then against level 8. First time I failed too, but the second time around I figured a way. You simply build a pawn duo on f4 and g4 (trading h pawns along the way), and then the king can walk around. If black ever plays g5 you play f5 and get a protected passer.

  22. Hi Eric, This would be much more instructive if played at a much slower speed, so that you could describe in detail your thought processes and what you are trying to achieve. If you want to challenge yourself to solve basic endgames in one minute then please understand that it's not ideal for your viewers.

  23. Thanks for this. I didn’t know about continue from here as an easy way to play vs stockfish in any position.

  24. abe scomputer ke saath kehlega toh drwa hi hoga

  25. Stockfish is so good that it can win against you even with just the king left.

  26. Any chance you can challenge gingergm to a rivals match? 🙂

  27. DTZ just means the amount of half moves till the next move either pushes a pawn, makes a capture or the 50 move rule is applied. In the first endgame, it meant that after 56 half moves, for example, your next move would be checkmate.

  28. I tried working out the 3 vs 2 pawns… it's ridiculously hard

  29. K+3P vs. K+2P with Stockfish vs. Stockfish is Mate in 24. I didn’t understand the winning idea. Stockfish started with Harry 4 :). It looked crazy hard. Looking forward to you showing us how to convert. Thanks!

  30. It's awesome that you post these "human" moments. When watching other chesstubers you'll see them get in some kind of sketchy, if not lost position and pull off the miracle comeback, then realize, well of course they won or it wouldn't be published. Watching Eric's videos you're allowed to have actual suspense. He even posted a loss to a player rated less than 1000, IN A TOURNAMENT ! I don't care who you are, That's some real deal stuff right there…

  31. Eric in 2018: Chess is difficult!
    Jonathon Schrantz in 2020: Chess is easy!

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