How To WIN Pawn Endgames?

How To WIN Pawn Endgames?


  1. People who went straight to the comments


  2. You make a queen, they make a queen and then you give Qb8+ and wherever they move, you play Qa8+ skewering the king and queen, resulting in a win for white. By the way, I love watching your videos everyday! Keep up the great content!

  3. Why didn't you tell us how to win with the white at the end? It was really hard 😢

  4. Promote to queen, if he promotes too he loses, cause queen to c5, & then keep on checking & making his room smaller

  5. Can u do tutorial how to win in chess shotgun king full vid?

  6. My brain really said: checkmate him with he king😭

  7. At first noone want play king back in first situation and at secound its not draw

  8. Maybe a knight promotion so he can't promote?

  9. •King up
    •black move
    •pawn up promoting to queen

    Then good luck to avoiding a draw or stalemate

  10. In the Kb6 variation, black has the option to repeat positions for a draw. So this variation doesn't work.

  11. First situation after "unstoppable pawn", its not draw,king can go to protect his pawn and i think its win for black

  12. I promote to knight so it cgeck the king

  13. Idk how to win with the last move but ig it would be promoting the Pawn into a Knight. (Edit: please reply if I got it right.)

  14. king takes b7 is not a draw because u play c6 and take opposition pushing away the king

  15. U need to make a knigh check keep checking him

  16. This guy has the best Chess Shorts

    Simple little tips and tricks in an easily digestible format

  17. c8=Q a1=Q
    Qb*+ (* = variable) Ka*
    Qa*+ skewer.

  18. Can you play Kc6 instead of advancing you a pown

  19. You queen he queens you check the king he plays only legal love then skewer

  20. I think you promote to knight for the check

  21. This is assuming that most would play king there.

  22. Promote to a knight and completely blunder the game away.

  23. To win with white at the end you promote, then go qb8, then skewer enemy Queen with Qa8 and it’s just an easy mate after that

  24. At starting on you say draw i can just simply mange my pawn to d6 then White king at d5 instead of promoting black move his king to c8 white lost the game.

  25. At the end one if I was at the black side of the board i will not move my pawn to a2 instead i move king b5 white promote to queenand then king b4, queen b8 check, king c3
    Now queen have to sacrificed to get my pawn if or other wise I will mange to a2 and when he try to involve king i will draw by King a1 white Queen a8, black pawn a2 draw if me take pawn or when my king go a1 and he try to move his king towards me I will go pawn a2 still draw

  26. Promote to a knight so you can fork your and his king😎

  27. Easy line
    You promote to queen then
    If black king moves you just attack his pawn and win if pawn promotes then give check his king go back then check and win his queen
    But if you got a rook then it is a loss because after you get a rook he gets a queen and then he give a check black can just move his king up to a 7 and no more good checks and queen vs rook ends is a win or maybe a draw but most likely a win for black

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