How To Win Queen vs Rook Endgames

How To Win Queen vs Rook Endgames

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  1. Si, el verdadero problema es alcanzar esa posición.

  2. Imagine black keep playing ka7 and kb8 it'll be draw by repeat same move

  3. there's also a more systematic way that doesn't rely as much on the specific position:
    going to d8, e7, f8, f7, g8 and h7
    the king has to go back and forth between the 7th and 8th rank, otherwise the queen would checkmate by going diagonally to the a file (this is also why we go to f7 instead of g7, since from g7 the queen would land at the square protected by the rook)

  4. And then he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This channel is getting worse and worse…
    FM here

  6. Every damn time i see this video white always wins i havent even see black win yet

  7. I did this with my friend i called forced stalemate before his move he realised it wasn't forced and moved his king out the way 😢

  8. But after the queen triangulation can‘t the black King still go to c8?

  9. “Separate this couple” the queen: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Isn't B5 move faster mate, beacause rook is pinned?

  11. “Separate this couple”
    I’m send this to the queen ASAP

  12. Why he forced to play rook away from king….. He can play king on C8 instead ???
    Can anyone explain me

  13. I feel like even an 800 ELO will block with the rook when the queen forks

  14. rook move wasnt forced the king couldve moved to c8

  15. rook move wasnt forced because king couldve moved dummy

  16. I’ve won several endgames like this, situations where the opponent with the lone rook can force a stalemate are very rare

  17. What if Black king Go to a6 after queen d4 check?

  18. Man, i love how realistic the scenerios are each time, now it's black moving from 7b to 1b for literally no reason instead of going for 7a looking for a draw by trading queen for rook and stuff. These videos keep getting better.

  19. But if at any point in a couple of spots if black king goes to c8 then this plan had failed.

  20. I actually had that first one happen against a master who was reaching me, he kinda threw a bit in the middle game to keep things interesting and we got to a queen vs rook (I had queen) and that exact stalemate happened

  21. You couldn't have done a. Fork if you moved the queen when the king and rook was across the bored

  22. Roooooooooooooooooooooooooo




  23. Omg i just started learning chess and the algorithm shows me this video. I didnt even know tactics like this existed, and im barely learning simple things like pawn structure and book openings

  24. The exception shows us a stalemate, not a win with a rook

  25. Once I was not able to win, I had a queen while opponent had two rooks, that combo can be dangerous in end game if played wisely

  26. Right angle triangle because it has base hypothesis and perpendicular

  27. Why does the rook have to go to b1
    Pls explain Im new 🙁

  28. You can move the rook to the king so they can easily win

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