How To Win Rook Endgames?

How To Win Rook Endgames?

In Today’s video, I show you how to free your king and unlock the full potential of your passed pawn to be able to promote to a queen and win your chess game.

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  1. Him: The rook is free to go anywhere

  2. This video is fake, at the start, there is 3 squares from the black king. At the end, there is 4.

  3. So i would have to manipulate reality to place the king on f7 for this to work?

  4. Why cant we just do Kg7 after Rh2? That stops the rook to come

  5. If you put the white rook on c 8 and then the king takes then it is stalemate

  6. He thought we wouldn’t notice him putting the king a square further the second time he showed it to us

  7. If the black rook moves from the B file, the white rook could go from B8 to B2 then C2 so he can move the black king from trapping the white king, that's unless the black rook go to the C file after white Rb2

  8. But what if the black king went to g7 in his next two moves?

  9. My coach actually set up this puzzle and I solved it it was the hardest for me at the time

  10. There is a trickier line though. Where the black king is in d6, so you must run d8 then black can threat check mate threats. You can then sacrifice the rook for a queen with check.

  11. Me just sacrificing my rook hopefully getting a stalemate

  12. After white rook b8 the best move for black is rook b8 checkmate (i am talking about the first situation)

  13. My question is how did the King travel across the Board to the other side without getting checkmated

  14. if black takes the rook near to the black king isn't it mate?

  15. black rook goes to eat white rook, king gonna protect its only pawn but thats useless becuz..

  16. Why did you have to go all the way around making a square walk or you could just go forward then move up then go there. It up in simpler

  17. I will bother him with my rook so he has to take then stalemate

  18. The first one and the second one was different :/

  19. King e7 and king f7 late, wtf are you trying to show?

  20. Hi, there hope you're doing well, i love the tricks you're giving us very helpful but first
    1. I'll encourage to all of you to give your life to Jesus Christ and repent of your sins, is coming very very soon has you can see what He prophecy in Matthew 24, it's happening right now in different places around the world so please.
    2. In the first explanation the king was 3 squares near the other king but in the 2nd explanation the king was 4 squares, i would like to know how to do for the 3 squares, thank you.

  21. I like how in the first one the king is on e7 then on the next its f7

  22. First sacrifice the Rook. Then escape with the King and promote and win or draw.

  23. If you look closely,he moved black king a more square .when was giving tips

  24. Wait the 1st one the black king 3 squares aways then 2nd one 4?

  25. Why wouldn't black rook take white rook when the king moves

  26. when the black rook goes to b8 and eliminates the rook you can just go to b8 with white pawn and then promote to queen and its check mate

  27. The black king on the first video is in E7 then the second is n F7 lol

  28. The first black king is in e7 but in the second clip is in f7 thats why white won

  29. Just force their king to take your room with checks right next to their king

  30. H2 H8 B8 rook then give a check on B7 whilst defended by the king and move the king to B8 and advance the pawn with a rook and king checkmate

  31. one, spelled "Fischer" wrong, and on the first one, it was just Rb8 CHECKMATE!

  32. Sacrifice……………………… DA RUUKH for stalemate

  33. First there were only 3 blocks away and 8n the next it was 4 blocks away 😂 #scam

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