How To Win With Rook Against Knight – Chess Endgame: King + Rook vs King + Knight

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  1. Was there Rf5? because if …Ne7, Rf7 wins the knight

  2. For those who are wondering "At 6:55, what to do if black played Nh3, instead of Nh5?"
    The answer is: Rg2, corraling the horse.

  3. Nelson, fantastic video! Now the knight won’t be such a pain. You should make 1000 of these videos for each piece… Yes I am being greedy 🙂

  4. I tried to replicate the last position, at 6:10 instead of b6 goes c8 then plays out the same until 6:26 when instead of f4 goes f8 where then you must go ke7 then ng6# and then it is not possible to stop the knight from reaching the king. from the start white only had a +0.47 advantage so does this rely on your opponent not using perfect play? this is based on max engine

  5. This is some deep content. Good work keep it up bro👍

  6. As a 1600 Elo player I have to admit I had no idea how you could win in those situations. They really don't come up very often but I'm so glad that I watched that. Brilliantly explained.

  7. I never knew they are books on chess, that too for just endings. 😐

  8. @2:09 Ke6 is similar to the idea. Ke6, Ke8, Rg8+, Nf8+, Kf6 forcing the king to move away and Rxf8.

  9. Another technique can be done at 2:09
    White goes Ke6, The night has no good squares to go to, so the black has to play Ke8, white follows up with Rg8+ black has to play Nf8 and white responds Rh8 and puts black in zugzwang voila…

  10. Fork the king and knight at 6:24 to win the knight… Rd6+ is the best move in that position.

  11. 6:22 Why didnt he just move the rook to check the King and win the knight?

  12. Love your tutorials. I've been playing for 60 yrs. Still learn another from you,thanks.

  13. Idk why , but after watching your videos i am actually able to remember these concepts while playing in the game ,otherwise i always forget whatever opening traps or endgames most of the chess youtubers teaches

  14. 6.10 king plays Kc8 instead of Kb6 then how can win a knight.. pls reply me details

  15. What kind of mouse control you use and what kind of electronics you use to explain your strategies on how to and where to and how to win

  16. Finally, someone who talks naturally and not at a breakneck speed. Thank you Nelson for a most informative video.

  17. For the first position why can’t you do Ke6 Ke8 Rg8+ Nf8+ and Kf6 winning the knight?

  18. I've been back to playing chess 5 months ago and and just barely won a rock vs knight end game. I had the advantage, but it almost got to a draw, until my opponent let me pin his knight away from the king.
    Actually, it 3 pawns and a rook vs 3 pawns and a knight:
    8/R3pk1p/6p1/4P3/3n1p2/7P/5PP1/5K2 w – – 0 33

  19. @2:22 another option is Ra/b/c/d/e1.
    If Nf8 or Kh8, Ra/b/c/d/e8 and then it's mate in 1.
    Anything else and black loses the knight.

  20. If the black king goes to kc8 instead of kb6, with moving to Ke5 draws the game.

  21. Anyone come here after losing a game with rook against knight and king? First time too

  22. In the fist position am I the only one who saw Ke6, threatening måte after black king moves to e8 or lose the knight

  23. The idea is really similar to checkmate a lone king, we need to slowly squeeze the region for the piece (king/knight) to move and finally create an attack it cannot escape

  24. Why not when the king and knight are on the side just go king e6 and mate black (idk im nóg a GM)

  25. I'm just new here, I'm weak at end game, like seriously, thanks for this, hope for more endgame stuff in this channel

  26. Ok, but what's about how to win King and Knight vs Rook and Knight? : )
    Answer is easy: move your figures faster than opponent and it will be "cooperative mate" when opponent's time is run out. It is so stupid rule in chess but rule is rule.

  27. Very instrutictive and didatic!! Thanks, man!

  28. I still need a way to reliably draw this, I feel like I keep getting backed into a corner or pinned

  29. 2:26 I would play the rook that way to threat checkmate so I will keep it on the 1st line but just move it. If black king moves to the corner it's mate and if he moves away we take the knight

  30. I saw Hal 9000 use the 2nd way against Stockkfish. Now I know how to do it myself

  31. This channel may want to create an End Games playlist.

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