How Well Do You Know Rook + Pawn Endgames? Chess Quiz 26



0:00 – Intro
0:39 – Position 1
3:58 – Position 2
8:02 – Position 3
14:32 – Pawn Vase Winners!

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. I was 6 off on the pawns! Just 6! GAH! I wouldn't be so heartbroken if I hadn't been so close 🤣

  2. Position 1: I play 1 R – R 8.

    Position 2: I play 1 R – R 1.

    Position 3: I play 1 R – K Kt 8.

  3. Could we get another rating range? Like 2000+ for example because I think that the 1600 suggest different moves than the 2600 🙂

  4. Stockfish 15 randomly likes many of the moves, including Kf7 which is mate in 23.

  5. Every time, I thumbs-up and watch the video, and every time YouTube fails to deliver the next video until I've already missed the next-next week's quiz…

  6. Hello nelson. The courses are live one on one?

  7. holy shit i guessed 89 and i even wrote it in the comments

  8. Just love this channel. I watch your videos as soon as you upload them.

  9. 1000(!) (not the math operation, just an exclamation mark!)
    I am alphaZero
    I will try out the boundaries, and then adjust my strategy and evaluation of the pawns in your vase by going back in time, if this doesn't give me the win. But my gut instincts at the moment tell me this is correct! If you see this comment with the wrong number you are probably in a wrong dimension. The main line dimension has the right number.

  10. Rd5+ should have been analyzed more! you can get always opposition backwards with white king, but there is unexpected underpromotion on G8 to knight! Or stalemate, check it out with engine, quite cool.

  11. Rook d4 in last position most obvious… king cut off, no calculation needed, not sure why it's not covered?

  12. Hey Nelson! I guessed 89 but I didn't get an email, was I too late?

  13. What would happen if I played rd5 at the last position I definitely saw a win there

  14. At 7:06 I would not attack the pawn with the rook after that – because the rook separates the king and the pawn with the g file. I'd just keep it there and bring my king closer. If he moves his King too close to the rook, just attack the pawn. If he moves his pawn too far down, just attack the pawn and the king can't save it. For him to move both pieces down would take him a long time.

  15. I saw position 2 differently with Rg1+ I saw if the king moves to the right the pawn can never promote, and they they will get trapped in the corner and mated by white

  16. Noooo😫😫!! I guessed 83 pawns. I counted the possible pawns around the vase circumference times the height plus some inside and i was between 80-90. I just needed to guess a number from 1 to 10😩. So close but i feel good for my idea being that right

  17. The sound quality is so crisp it’s much appreciated 🙏

  18. With all the positions i had the top move of 1601+ whats my rating then?

    Some ppl had kb7 at the second position😂😂

  19. what about Rb6? does it work?

  20. 10:58 instead of promoting, black can be tricky and play Kh1. Taking the pawn would be stalemate! But there is Rh8#. In some endgames this stalemate is the reason why it's a draw. (when Rh8# isn't possible because it is on f2 and the white king on g3 for example)

  21. in the thumbnail, what type of autist do u think I am, I know how to do king and rook mate even though I'm 400 rated

  22. at 3:55 couldn't you just move the rook to b1 and bring the knight over they can defend with the king but always have to move said king and we can move the king whenever we want by wasting moves with the rook

  23. when people give their chess elo, is it like on 5 min games, 10 min games, 30 min games ? because i'm a 300 elo on 5 min and 900 elo on 30 min haha

  24. In position 1 why didn't you go rock b1

  25. Nonono… at 5:07, play Rh1 then Kxh1 then Kf2 to draw fancily…

  26. Please tell me if i missed something. In Position 3 the Rook starts at D8. ( At the 11:45 mark) you talk about the wrong move. If the Rook starts at D8 then moves to D6…. Doesn't black have to move? i saw you move the rook… however i did not see you move any black pieces. I see you move the Rook from D8 to D6 then not move black then move Rook to F6…. What did i miss? Thanks

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