I got the New Guaranteed FREE Endgame! 3 Free Endgames and Best Free Cards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

I just got the guaranteed free endgame in nba 2k23 myteam for a total of three free endgames including who i consider one of the best free cards in the game with how good 2K made this card I just got and I might even add him to the GODSquad…

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  1. I got a endgame magic from a challenge pack

  2. Who finished the spotlight challenge I’m playing the last game

  3. How did you get this I am confused what game mode

  4. They better update the token market or I hope they get robbed

  5. Myteam need another app to post on Twitter trippin talking bout rate limit exceeded I barely did anything on there today Elon musks dumb asf for that shit

  6. Got my ring in the middle while watching this 🔥

  7. “I could go with the regular dark matter” no you couldn’t, the other Shaq is on the magic.

  8. Uh oh. I'm not gonna be able to finish the challenges

  9. Should’ve used Alex Caruso pd he is a dynamic duo with Kyle

  10. I don't understand how did you get 2 end game KAT'S?

  11. Bruh I was literally one challenge away from hitting lvl 40 and I got banned. I was on earlier with no problem. Put some cards in the auction house because I wanted to sell them real quick 😩😂 exactly why I’m not wasting no more money on another 2k fuck that

  12. Best reward I got was invincible lebron from the vault

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