I Tried Learning The Hardest Chess Endgame In 1 Hour

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  1. you had such an easier time in your last video with this endgame…

  2. Nelson got a little tunnel-visioned at the 7-minute mark.
    If Kc8, Qe8#
    If Ka6, Qa4#

  3. Chess vibes, take a look at this poisiton. 8/5k2/3Q4/6r1/4K3/8/8/8 b – – 0 1

    This is something that is good, notice how the pieces are a horse move away from each other. This is good if its your oppenents turn. Here I moved from Qb6 to Qd4. First it doesnt really make sence to form this but its put the defender is zugzwang. The defender also wants to form this if he can but the attacker to move. Some call it "rosettes.
    Black cant really stay with rook at third rank anymore.

    Also look at this poition 5k2/3Q4/7r/5K2/8/8/8/8 b – – 0 1
    Here the defender cant stay on 3th rank anymore. Why? The rook has no squares safe, either its taken right away or you can give check with fork if rook moves to a6 och b6 for example , so now he has to go to 2nd rank defens which less complictad to learn.

  4. The philidor position is good to know but there any many other positions that are very well to know. Try to find best move here. 8/8/8/3Q4/5K2/8/4rk2/8 w – – 0 1
    Remeber that checks doesnt do much many times. What you trying to achive? Can you find a way to force the king to the a1 corner area?

  5. It seems like there isn't a single technique or procedure for winging. Instead, you accumulate a bag of lots of different tricks and techniques from practicing, and use those together depending on the situation.

  6. Sir i am an 1650+ lichess player and when I calculate I am narrow minded and many tactical mistakes. I give sac thinking that if he plays one move I would win but he plays the other defense which leads to lose in game. How to not play without tactical mistake and to precise calculation. Pls help. You should be the to help me.

  7. I've had this ending before, luckily I had an hour left on my clock so I could calculate the best moves, It takes forever to learn and win

  8. Hey Nelson, could yo please do a video on what to do in the Scandinavian when white pushes the E pawn on the second move. I lose like 70% of those games, and it's driving me nuts. Love the content!

  9. More of these types of videos! Great vid

  10. I think you need to pay more attention to zugzwangs. Whites moves look like random moves, but the whole point is forcing black to move the piece they dont want to move or move to a direction they want to avoid.

    Like that Qa8 there that you just couldn't wrap your head around in the end. Its a great move since it disallows king moves (only legal is Kd7 losing the rook immediately) and thus it forces a rook move to either edge of the board (Rb8) or far away from the king (Rb3, Rb2 or Rb1). Rb5 and Rb4 are controlled by white king and if Rb6 then Qa5 pin the rook and you win it on the next turn (if Kc8, take with king to avoid stalemate).

  11. it took me 2 and a half hours (including breaks) when i learned this

    i have since forgot how to do it T-T

    3rd rank defence is so hard to crack

  12. I had this endgame one, as white. Opponent blundered his rook pretty early and I got cocky and accidentally stalemated.

  13. That ain’t the hardest. I’d say 1 king and 1 pawn Vs queen, 2 rooks and 2 bishops is probably harder

  14. Honestly I didn't know and nobody mention that its difficult, even in real game either player resign or sooner or layer I manage to win but i realised the severity of the situation when i was practicing pawn vs king endgame against computer and the situation came when the computer bring a rook/knight by promoting and my god I realised how difficult it is.

  15. Bishop and knight checkmate looks easy now


  17. I study this endgame for 5 days to completely remember all the forcing moves

  18. Some of the best moves can be understood as respricting the opponents moves and taking aeay squares. When the weaker side's king is on the edge of the board the queen is often better placed in the center then closer to the enemy king.

  19. Read John Nunn's book on the topic! Also, there are courses you can downlaod that teach you this endgame in depth.

  20. 1200 rated player here
    One thing I noticed in this video that seems important and that nobody seems to mention in the comments is that sometimes you can force the fork with the enemy king on the last rank (yours on 3rd to last rank), and sometimes even while the enemy king is on the second to last rank (yours on 4th to last) – the trick seems to be that you know the enemy king is restricted to only 2 rows or columns and after some checks you know its always gonna land on the other one of the 2 – use this info to position the queen prior to the fork.

    As per the 'random' moves I think you have to think a bit like a computer and always try to use all tricks at the same time, if you forget even one of them for just a move, each time you will probably find yourself needing about 5 extra moves to get the checkmate and then drag this on forever.

  21. I've been studying this endgame against stockfish for like 6ish hours, I'm glad I'm not alone in finding this really difficult against perfect play, I've been looking for videos and studies on lichess but most of them are about the Philidor, I get the Philidor position, I can checkmate from there whichever turn it is, but stockfish as any good engine does will avoid checkmate in 8, for checkmate in 23, and other easy to find winning positions

  22. in the start why not just b6 with the queen and fork?

  23. I like how he just mentions forks and not mates

  24. Queen control rook and king
    Why some move
    Some idea is Queen control both rook and king
    Black try to draw or lucky win

  25. Did anyone notice the timer skipped 8? Comment down below if you saw it. 3:19

  26. For all the people who said he missed mate in one at the 7:40 mark. Please re-watch the video. The king had an escape square. Amazing how you can find mate in one but stockfish analysis couldn't. All the moves are listed in the upper right corner.

  27. I made a study with 100 or so key positions, variations, and techniques to win this endgame. I beat Stockfish, as well as the tablebase multiple times. It’s insane how many nuances there are!

  28. Wait unprotected rock and than take it. Quen than will esier chack mat.

  29. 18:00 u could move queen to a7, forking the rook and the king, then king moves and rook gets captured, if he moved the rook you could win, if im wrong please correct me, im a bit new at chess

  30. Bro had it at the start. Move the queen to the white square checking him, then take the rook. It’s protected by the king, so no matter where the king moves he can’t take the queen

  31. I just had this ending + one pawn for white and he blundered his Queen and resigned

  32. very easy, just place the queen on 2, 7, B or G and make opposition with the king

  33. I don't even know how to do a Queen and Bishop vs b or g pawn on 4th rank and Rook or further back, much less a lone queen.

  34. 6:50 If …Kc8, then Qe8#.
    Also, at 7:00, if …Ka6, then Qa4#.
    If Black makes either of those mistakes, you don't need to capture the Rook.

  35. 7:03 bro if the king goes down you can mate on a4. 7:43 bruh if the king goes to c8 it’s mate on e8.

  36. 34:34 I think the reason you can't see a pattern is because with only two pieces on the board (that can move across the entire board) the computer's strength is showing, which is raw computation. At this point principles have little value and the only patterns are those that go from where you are the end of the game (many moves, not human scale). A computer, with that many pieces on the board, can see all of those almost instantly. A human would have to be something very special to see that many moves. In other words I think your trouble is that the human normal shortcuts, patterns, pretty much don't apply. Perhaps a take away here is that sometimes the winner will be the one who can just think more moves ahead computationally. This almost certainly only applies to end games where it's become simple to compute but not much richness to find patterns.

  37. Looks like there is no point trying to study chess, since even someone like Nelson is unable to understand it.

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