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  1. I think Jeremy Silman's 'The Amateur's mind' talks about opposition in decent details. Great book for beginners.

  2. WAIT!!!! how do the center pawn survived?? they always get eated..

  3. “The H pawn is a draw”

    Unless my opponent resigns because he doesn’t know that, lol. Happened to me a few days ago.

  4. what if the king stayed at the d file

  5. "Now you've got a queen. Now you're gonna win."

    You overestimate my power.

  6. Say the opponent's king moves to c6 as shown, and you move your king to e5, but then instead of c7, black plays d7… What's the plan then? I practiced this idea and bot ALWAYS made this move and it always ended up in a draw. Maybe because I suck, idk. But I couldn't make it work.

  7. Hahahahahaha you’re funny. You think me an my opponent know how to draw a game 😂

  8. Your strategy is practical and well-executed

  9. Fun fact: For advanced position; Opposition can also apply diagonally, sideways, and long distance (like king oppose king 3 squares away)

  10. A or h is Draw if both players know what they’re doing. If you opponent is dumb and doesn’t know this, you win.

  11. Can someone explain why it is a draw if the pawn is on A or H?

  12. I badly need this endgame lesson thank you

  13. i dont know why i love the king blinking so much

  14. I do not understand how you cant win if your pawn is beside the king. If you push pawn forawd the only legal moves for black king is horizontal. So.. you push the pawn forward again.. he has to move back as its his only legal move once youve centralised both kings.. how as black do you win/force a draw here if white pushes pawn first?

  15. Wow I learned so much. More of this content please

  16. Visit my Page for more chess tips tricks and to learn chess

  17. Visit my Page for more chess tips tricks and to learn chess

  18. What if the king goes straight back?

  19. That's assuming both of my dumb fat ass and my oponent knows what they are doing.

  20. another great lesson…i've always struggled in these situations so i just offer a draw or just let my pawn die and accept the stalemate🔥

  21. How can the pawn in edge of the chess board to be promoted since there is the only pawn left ?

  22. I literally just got a stalemate being in this exact situation 😂😂 unfortunately my pawn got sacrificed and I only had my king. I got so lucky

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