Important Endgame Mating Techniques: 1. Mating with King and Rook.. #chess #endgames #gothamchess

Another method for Mating with King and Rook which is considered more fast-


  1. There is another way to mate with king and rook which is considered to be faster. Check the link in description for my youtube short to know about that method

  2. The Most Important Points to know : 1.Cutoff the king with ur rook such that it has limited moves 2 . Bring ur king and give check on the side with rook when both kings face each other. 3. Generally opponent doesnt keep his king like that so remember the concept of waiting moves by rook which forces opponent to move into the faceoff with king and you give check and king goes back one rank .

  3. This method takes a long time. I suggest to box them in so they have little space to move on

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