Important Endgames that People Mess Up | Endgame Exclam!! – IM Eric Rosen

International Master Eric Rosen looks at tons of positions where one incorrect square could cost you the game point. Opposition, triangulation, promotion traps, stalemate tricks, and more are covered.



  1. Literally just used the last puzzle technique to win a game yesterday… Was looking over this and here it is?

  2. My late game sucks so bad, hoping this video helps

  3. This video deserves all the praise it is getting. As a teacher I can say that in instructing chess principles Eric is great !

  4. so cool when he says „zugzwang“ and it is actually a german word and you are german xD

  5. Eric is pretending this is an endgame training video but we all know it's actually all about the stalemate.

  6. Why not just Queen a1 chess mate? At 40min… Or am I beeing stupid?

  7. I just won a king pawn endgame because of this video. I wouldn't known what to do had I not watched this video haha! Thanks Eric and SLCB!

  8. Instructivo conceptos de Oposición , triangulación y práctica estrategia de finales prácticos gracias dé Cd Juárez Chihuahua México

  9. Vi el vídeo en 2 partes gracias por el final de damas y una pregunta en el problema si no toma al pasó que sucede

  10. 46:56 normal master calculating:*silence*
    Eric Rosen calculating:"Oh no my pawn, oh no my other pawn, oh no my third pawn…."

  11. Why don't you keep the mic inside your throat so that we can hear your gulps and burps even clearer…?!

  12. What a great teaching… awesome..
    I also like eric simplicity..

  13. I can say I have made each of these blunders. But now, I know better. Thanks, GM Eric.

  14. I can't accept what he told at @23:00 it's a definite draw position..

  15. 36:28 He is actually wrong, if king is on H4 he must not go to H5 or white will promote with check. King must go to G5 instead.

  16. 9:30 "if king takes c4, then easy win. Oops, mouse slip"

    – next video idea, [Chess, oops I missed clicked]
    Covering topics like [how far the piece must be in the square before the system can register the move]

  17. Someone get this man some water. I can’t keep listening to him swallow!

  18. OH NO, my lecture! How did I miss this one?! Great, thanks!

  19. Fun fact: computers actually have one trick on the endgame: memorize all positions up to 6 pieces.

  20. These are super practical and fundamental endings to know. Thanks for the great content!

  21. Chess should end with capture of the king…

  22. I really like Eric Rosen's method of instruction. He has a calm way of teaching, and chess is king, whereas a few other IM's and GM's think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread!

  23. 50:18 – if playing on a computer, just don't move and let time run out – computer will declare it a draw.

  24. This is a fabulous lecture. All of these positions are going into my computer for me to practice from both sides. I've run into about half of them in actual play.

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