Important Rook Endgame Lesson: Vancura Defense | Chess Endgame Basics #12

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We talk about rook endgames, specifically the Vancura Defense, an important method for the defender to secure the draw in the endgame rook and a or h-pawn against rook. An important detail is here that the pawn has not yet advanced to the seventh rank. The defender has to stop the attacker’s king from reaching the pawn and using it as a shield. Therefore, at the right time, the defender needs to switch the rook from attacking the pawn from behind to attacking the pawn from the side. This does not allow the attacker’s king to escape the checks. Please let me know if you have any questions about this method 🙂

Here’s a video about the Philidor Defense, one of the most important endgame positions:

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  1. The thumbnail shows a different position entirely

  2. Quick question
    What if black checks with his rook?

  3. I am your subscriber from your early days as youtuber. Continue making astonishing series like that and I will be your subscriber for life. The effort and time you spend to educate ridiculous chess jokes like me for free will also be remembered and appreciated. Thank you….

  4. Thanks! Did I miss the link to the endgame tablebase?

  5. Can you explain us wing gambit in Sicilian Defence, please? I can't find any good video about it, and I don't really think, that anybody will do it soon.

  6. great video
    i would have resigned if i was black in such a position.rated 1000 blitz in

  7. You didn't explain where to put a King after Ra7+, and one wrong square can lose the game

  8. Does this also work if it's not a rook-pawn?

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