Improve your endgame fantastic chess puzzles

Improve your endgame: chess puzzles

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  1. what happens if the pawn just continues to push for the first puzzle

  2. @aznpursuaz If c3 then Bf6+ winning the f pawn. Or if the f pawn moves then the c pawn is captured.

  3. The second example is a little stunner .

  4. Spectacular Queen sac forcing the king into the corner and cutting off the escape square! Beautiful!!!

  5. Okay mato i tried this out on the first puzzle and black wins.1. Bb3 c3 2. Bc2 f4 3. Be4 Kc7 ..But after this move black wins due to 'Zugzwang'. Now white MUST move bishop and cannot control both f3 and c2 squares, and therefore black will win! Also please please reply and tell me if that is correct or not ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  6. Two very excellent problems! Thanks for posting them, Mato.

  7. LOL. It actually took me a few minutes to confirm this. I'm an idiot!

  8. My thoughts: Come on Mato, there is no way for white to win here. Are you going to say "Haha tricked you, there is no mate here!"? You cannot trap the black king among the pawns and white cannot promote to a Queen…Oh wait, he… Yes he can! unpauses

  9. The last puzzle is a rare case of smothered checkmate delivered by white's sole king and bishop.

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