In The Endgame, The Gods Have Placed Carlsen! | Anand vs Carlsen 2013. | Game 5

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The World Chess Championship 2013 was a match between reigning world champion Viswanathan Anand and challenger Magnus Carlsen, to determine the 2013 World Chess Champion. It was held from 9 to 22 November 2013 in Chennai, India, under the auspices of FIDE (the World Chess Federation).

Carlsen won the match 6½–3½ after ten of the twelve scheduled games, becoming the new world chess champion. This was heralded by Garry Kasparov and others as the start of a new era in chess, with Carlsen being the first champion to have developed his game in the age of super-strong chess computers.

Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand
“Norwegian Wood”
Anand – Carlsen World Championship (2013), Chennai IND, rd 5, Nov-15
Semi-Slav Defense: Marshall Gambit. Forgotten Variation (D31)

1. c4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 c6 4. e4 de4 5. Ne4 Bb4 6. Nc3 c5 7. a3 Ba5 8. Nf3 Nf6 9. Be3 Nc6 10. Qd3 cd4 11. Nd4 Ng4 12. O-O-O Ne3 13. fe3 Bc7 14. Nc6 bc6 15. Qd8 Bd8 16. Be2 Ke7 17. Bf3 Bd7 18. Ne4 Bb6 19. c5 f5 20. cb6 fe4 21. b7 Rab8 22. Be4 Rb7 23. Rhf1 Rb5 24. Rf4 g5 25. Rf3 h5 26. Rdf1 Be8 27. Bc2 Rc5 28. Rf6 h4 29. e4 a5 30. Kd2 Rb5 31. b3 Bh5 32. Kc3 Rc5 33. Kb2 Rd8 34. R1f2 Rd4 35. Rh6 Bd1 36. Bb1 Rb5 37. Kc3 c5 38. Rb2 e5 39. Rg6 a4 40. Rg5 Rb3 41. Rb3 Bb3 42. Re5 Kd6 43. Rh5 Rd1 44. e5 Kd5 45. Bh7 Rc1 46. Kb2 Rg1 47. Bg8 Kc6 48. Rh6 Kd7 49. Bb3 ab3 50. Kb3 Rg2 51. Rh4 Ke6 52. a4 Ke5 53. a5 Kd6 54. Rh7 Kd5 55. a6 c4 56. Kc3 Ra2 57. a7 Kc5 58. h4

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  1. I love those comments from the Grandmasters as the game is being played.

    Agadamator is right. Carlsen forces opponents to play the correct move and if they don't Carlsen will evaluate, find the weakness and exploit it.

  2. Why resign?
    Rook A3
    King C2
    King B3
    H pawn advances
    Pawn C3


  3. Me: Gets the “guess the next move” right almost every single time

    Me when i actually play a game of chess: ksmqmdkwndbfifjjendksjwwkskxjjajwkdkdkdkekkdkfjf


  5. there is no god but Allah, don’t say Gods , it is wrong.

  6. 16…KK2 struck me as suicidal: blocking in his dark Bishop, which could have been brought out by…BN4, pinning the KP against the White King – and finally: throwing Castling privileges completely overboard.

  7. Everyone:

    Like and share!

    Aga deserves to rank high on the yt-algo….

  8. The way I see it, Carlsen plays beginning and middle game simply to make sure going into the end game his opponent either doesn’t have an advantage, or if he does it’s slight (both in pieces remaining and position). Because in the endgame, when there are less pieces yet more space to move, his brain goes into ultra instinct. It amazes me every time, it’s like he makes his move knowing how his opponent SHOULD counter until they don’t make the right move, and then knocks them out, where they realize several moves later and wonder where it all went wrong… good example is here with vishy and his move 40

  9. I’m also a great endgame player. I always ended my game fast.
    But… with a lost

  10. Imagine talking shit and losing 😂😂 he lost his mind and still won imagine 😎

  11. 10:54
    Why did't he capture the pawn with his pawn or the bishop. I feel like there was no need for the rook to be sacrificed there.

  12. I'm from TN but I say I love carlsen more.. Chess has no discriminations…

  13. ישראלים פה? או שאני מדבר לעצמי?

  14. I have a suggestion that might be able to do the impossible. Yes, this suggestion might make your game analysis discussions even better. Here's the suggestion: While you are describing a line of moves a player could have made but didn't, change the board color slightly to communicate that you're in imaginary mode. That small visual difference would make it easier to follow for less experienced chess enthusiasts.

  15. Is there a way to sponsor a few beers to you? Besides Patreon? Somehow Patreon does NOT work with either of my cards. Please let me know how we can support you otherwise

  16. 12:00 King goes to B1 instead of C4. When the rook takes bishop the king goes to A2 and he's safe from any more checks or the pawn advancing… ? If the black king approaches to do anythng there e5-e6 (discovered check) and that pawn will queen before black can do anything? Am I wrong? Considering I'm drunk right now! 😛

  17. Bit new to chess, but I don’t see why Anand wouldn’t just take the pawn at b3 at 10:35 with his rook at b5. If the king takes the other rook at d4 Anand could just take the bishop and then wouldn’t he be up in the exchange?

  18. again a lost game of Anand in his playlist!! INSULTING, DISGUSTING, HUMILIATING !! SHAME on you Agad

  19. Moral of the Story: Never enter into the endgame when playing against Carlsen

  20. Hey, first thanks for your lovely work each one of your video is pure chess and i love it !!
    But at 12:07 you say it's a draw but i don't see how black cannot win this position. All the positions i imagined are giving black a queen in a few more moves… Help me out there 😀

  21. Huge Blunder by Anand in this match: 1) Taking knight back to C7 at 5:25 2) Rook to C1 at 12:11 instead of A1

  22. Carlsen is so good in endgame that he can take down Thanos easily ..

  23. no god except Allah, anand and carlsen are normal humans and strong at chess the history told us that for ever some time there will be good players , humans just stay humans even if they didn't lose we don't call them gods,

  24. Wait…the middle game comes before the endgame?

  25. Why does "Rooks really like thoselonely pawns", sound like a veiled mob threat? Lol Cool video as always

  26. Wow, this championship series is disappointing and boring

  27. I always thought a bishop pair is overrated, unless the opponent let's you make it effective

  28. A chess joke. What do you become when mating a bishop with a rook?…A queen!

  29. Feels like you could do a good impression of Mr.bean 🙂

  30. is it by choice it doesnt show the upload date?

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