General rules

  • 10 rounds Swiss: Swiss system by Swiss Managar
  • Rate of play is 90 mins for 40 moves + 30 minutes after move 40. 30 second increment for each move throughout the game
    Open for all players
  • FIDE norms possible.FIDE rules apply, but article 6.6a will be enforced in following manner: Any player who arrives at the chessboard later than 30 minutes after the start of the session shall lose the game
  • The players are not allowed to offer a draw to their opponent before thirty (30) moves have been completed by both players.
  • Players who wish to take two half-point bye in rounds 1-7 may do so, provided they give adequate notice.


If there is a tie for the title of Icelandic Champion, in the open section and/or the women’s section, there shall be a play-off. Aricle 12.1.1 of Fide’s competition Rules. (Annex 3: Tie-Break Regulations) will be used in case of a play-off.

  • k. If two players have to play a tie-break match, they play a two-game mini-match at the rate of all the moves in 3 minutes with 2 seconds added on for each move from move 1. If this match is tied:
    A new drawing of lots for colours shall take place. The winner shall be the first winner of a game. After each odd-numbered game the colours shall be reversed.
    If three players have to take part in a play-off:
    They play a one-game round robin at the rate as in 1 (a). If all three players again tie:
    The next tie-break shall be used (see G.), and the lowest-placed player eliminated. The procedure is then as in (1) (a).
    If four players have to take part in a play-off they play a knockout. The pairings shall be determined by lot.
    There shall be two-game elimination matches at the rate as in (1) (a).
    If five or more players have to take part in a play-off, they are ranked by the next tie-break (see G.) and all but the top four are eliminated.
    The right is reserved to make necessary changes.
    Where only two players are involved in the play-off, they may play at a slower rate of play, if time permits, by agreement with the CA and CO.

Tie-break system

The Fide recommended Tie-Break System will be used.

  • (c) Individual Swiss Tournaments where not all the ratings are consistent:
  • Direct encounter
  • The greater number of wins
  • The greater number of games with Black (unplayed games shall be counted as played with White)
  • Buchholz Cut 1
  • Buchholz
  • Sonneborn-Berger


Prizes will be divided with Hort-system among equally ranked players.


Chief Arbiter: IA Ingibjörg Edda Birgisdóttir

Arbiter: IA Róbert Lagerman

Arbiter: IA Þórir Benediktsson

The Appeals Committee

The Icelandic Chess Federation’s appeal comitte (Dómstóll Sí).