Introduction to Pawn Endgames | Principles of Chess Endgames | GM Naroditsky

This video initiates our journey into the endgame! Daniel presents one of the most inspiring and beautiful endgames of his career, walking us through all of the intricacies and nuances. This video continues the series on chess endgames, which will ultimately feature dozens of videos on endgame principles and cover all main endgame types (pawn endgames, rook endgames, etc.). The series is intended to offer the serious player a clear, entertaining, and hopefully rewarding pathway to endgame mastery.

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  1. I really hope to reach this kind of an endgame position one day and to be able to say that either I or my opponent has trousers.

  2. I think what I'll do with this series is look at the position you'll talk about at the beginning of the video. Put it on a board, and analyze it. Then watch the video and see what I got right and what I missed. I think this way I actually get more out of it since I'm actually practicing as well! Awesome content!

  3. What happens if you don't transition the rook & pawns endgame to a pawns endgame?

  4. WOW! Awesome analysis and game.

  5. Without a doubt your videos are some of the best teaching content out there. You are always so clear and easy to follow in your explanations, incredible teaching abilities. Thank you for making this available for us!

  6. Lots of great instruction packed into only 30 minutes. Thx Daniel! One of the hardest psychological barriers to overcome in analysis is the assumption of an automatic capture; it’s almost impossible to make our brains consider anything besides K x C6 after the rook trade.

  7. This series is an incredible resource, thanks for making these!

  8. At 13:10, the motion is unquestionably an inch worm. Please spread the word about Danya's worm.

  9. he! best chess player and more than that what a commentator you are

  10. thank you so much for making these endgames videos, I really appreciate it <3

  11. My god this is so beautiful =)))

  12. 4:00 End of introduction spiel.
    Rewatching cause it's very easy to digest.

  13. how inspiring… looking forward to the other videos

  14. black's g and h pawn on the third rank. i'll NEVER think to myself "it's alright" omg lol

  15. Danya is a good guy but I find the overvaluation of chess to violate the spirit of Paul Morphy who claimed, rightly in my opinion, that chess should never be more than a lighthearted avocation and NOT an obsession. Check out all the hits you get on YouTube with the search phrase "Chess Rage". Chess produces both anger AND obsession and that's one reason why the game has driven so many elites of yore into even psychosis. Lasker could have been a great physicist (Albert Einstein's words) but he gave up his life for a game which is why non-players have never heard of Lasker. Lasker died penniless and in a shabby NY apartment.

  16. Please don't do the most basic endgames like how to mate with bishop and kinght vs a lone king. There are already lots and lots of videos on this theme out there. Then you fall under the cathegory of doing the same as everyone else!

    Please, please, please do videos on queen endgames though! They are incredibly difficult to study and understand even for masters and they occur frequently at club level. They are extremely hard to make instructive viedeos on, which is probably tthe main reason you struggle to find good material on them. I have had several queen endings in over-the-board-games just in the last few monhts – they do really occur quiet often.

  17. Thank you for an amazing pedagogical and instructive video, which for all levels I am sure makes an incredible difference in how we percept and think the endgame

  18. You ask for forgiveness and what comes too mind, God loves it when we ask the Lord if there's something he wants us to repent of ? I'm a Christian ✝️ and the Lord loves ❤️you. Repenting is not only for the unbelievers also for the Christian, God bless..

  19. amazing game & thanks for giving insight in these difficult & troublesome endgames. Cheers!

  20. Brilliant stuff ! Truly unbelievable. Pawn endgames are really fascinating just like rook endgames.

  21. The craft of this video was a terrific, thanks for the was a great story and twist.

  22. So good he's only 2616 and not a world title contender. Hans Moke Niemann blew past him in one year.

  23. I did competitive programming with Conrad back when we were attending UT-Dallas. I remember being told he was a GM, but i didnt follow/play chess much so i didnt realize he was literally like top 5 in the US at the time. He was always a really reserved guy and didn't share much, so it's really cool for me to see these videos that show a glimpse of what he was passionate about at that time. Also thanks for the awesome lesson Danya!

  24. Thank you so much Daniel, you are a so great instructor, and i actually like the sound of your voice😊

  25. This video wasn't just incredibly educational (which it was) but was also just such a great time! All the plot twists you threw in there genuinely kept me on the edge of my seat. Thanks for sharing this, you're amazing!

  26. Wow, you really add excitement to a topic that is meant to be quite boring for most chess students. Thank you!

  27. Very nice explanation and an amazing series. Thank you

  28. The twist at the end was like an episode of Poirot

  29. CHEERS CHEERS CHEERS TO YOU #1 … Only good OL Daniel can bring it in an enjoyable huge benefit to inspiration and format to enrichen our play. …. THANKS SO MUCH BUDDY!!

  30. This is why Danya is the best chess content creator

  31. It's just blow my mind…my mind still couldn't accept what I see…🔥

  32. Awesome video. Thank you Danya, came back after your 3rd latest late game upload where you advise to come back to these videos cause it works in sequence. Hope to catch up soon!

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