Is THIS a “Chess Endgame”?

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This puzzle from the movie “Glass Onion” is actually a chess problem! Do you recognize it? They call it a “chess endgame” in the movie, and although it’s not strictly an endgame since all the pieces are still on the board, the correct move does end the game. This is the fastest possible checkmate, as Queen H4 wins in two moves! It’s known as the fool’s mate – a fitting name as one character is outed as a fool…


  1. “This is a chess endgame” literally has mate in 1 in the opening💀

  2. First thing I said when I saw it that scene was that’s not an endgame

  3. I watched that movie and me and my bro looked and immediately saw the fools mate

  4. Me, having watched an analysis video about how Miles is actually an idiot and this scene is just a "reference" to chess because it's seen as a high class thing: Ha, yes this is intentionally a very simple puzzle because they wouldn't be able to actually solve a difficult problem.

  5. I actually defeated someone like that recently. It was hilarious. He was pretending to be a good player before the match xD

  6. In the sense that the game is about to end I guess it's an endgame but Jesus have some respect for the game of chess

  7. I have not watched this movie, but the position of the balls indicate that White is about to get mated

  8. it “ends the game”

    but it’s still not an endgame

  9. To people saying this isn’t an endgame you’re wrong. It is an endgame. It ends in 1 move

  10. I’m still salty that they choose the easiest way to checkmate an opponent, which makes sense because at the end of the movie we learned that the rich guy wasn’t a genius, which explains why he choose the easiest way to checkmate in 1.

  11. Yeah I watched that and I was immediately like “What the fuck? Endgame? No..?”

  12. It's not the fastest possible checkmate.

  13. Started following your channel, and you do not disappoint. Keep at it man

  14. I actually beat a 1500 who played this 😂 crazy stuff

  15. If that lady had said "That's a fool's mate" instead, the movie would have been better.

  16. The fact that i saw it instantly is only a testiment to how dumb my friends are to constantly fall for this

  17. Nah they need to be "specifically" stupid to pull this off

  18. I wouldn't consider it an end game, but given there is an argument to be made about the movie isn't terrible


  20. another addition to my list "reasons why rian johnson is a literal genius"

  21. On what earth is this an endgame, its 1.5 moves in..

  22. bruh i saw that immediately

  23. I immediately knew becuse I am so familiar with fools mate it is the funniest way to win

  24. Me who doesn't see pawn h2:
    "Well just Rook h4"

  25. XDDDDD calling the fool's mate an endgame 💀

  26. I actually used this to checkmate my chess club teacher

  27. I was actually wondering how it was a chess endgame when only 3 pieces moved

  28. Nah i am concerned about that chess set shown at first i need that whats its name

  29. This genuinely pissed me off when I saw the movie, like no this isn’t some complicated chess endgame it’s literally the fastest checkmate possible and no it’s not an endgame

  30. Isn’t a fools mate with a bishop and queen

  31. It’s an “endgame” because the next move ends the game..😂

  32. the fuck kinda ugly ass board is that? the fuck

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