Jose Capablanca’s Top Five Endgames

Join NM @James Canty III as he breaks down the top 5 endgames of Jose Capablanca!

José Raúl Capablanca was the third world chess champion (1921-1927). He is widely accepted as one of the greatest players of all time. During an 8 year period spanning from 1916-1924, Capablanca did not lose a single tournament game! His record of 40 wins and 23 draws over this period (where he also became world champion) was unprecedented.

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  1. 1 of my Favorite Chess Players Capablanca. Thank you Mr. Canty Shalom nakama ani brother 🕎

  2. Am I the only one, who thinks that Capablanca is an Island xD

  3. Liked your commentary and game ..Thank you ..Do you stream in you tube

  4. Game 3 rook takes bishop and then bh4+ is a Drawn bishop Vs rook endgame

  5. Βαγγελης Δεληπετρος says:

    Capablanca was the most dangerous chess player with black.

  6. For me José Raul Capablanca Is Still top 5 All time

  7. Hi.. could anyone help me out to set up a very strong chess engine on my iPad. From gui , opening book till end game .. in short to make a very strong engine setup

  8. Capablanca, what a legend. 💯 Really enjoyed the analysis and commentary 😀 ♟

  9. I love this guy(dont mean capa 🙂

  10. んあめははははようどんつんでrsたんdみゅせr says:

    I like these type of videos about legendary players.

  11. んあめははははようどんつんでrsたんdみゅせr says:

    Knight endgames for me is just forking for my rating atleast.

  12. Give this man a GM norm already. Good explanation! My favorite NM!

  13. Winter resigned here like why he resigned
    Me- probably he saw wang hao also resigned prematurely and he is his fan.

  14. Nobody:

    NM James Canty: "Cap-uh-blank-uh"

  15. Maybe something like Lasker’s top five positional queen sacrifices next, please? 🙏🙏🙏 He basically invented it, from his epic 1934 game against Euwe and his 1935 game against Kan to his 1925 games against Marshall and Zhenevsky and so forth. Lasker was a big part of chess theory development/ history and it could be great if he finally got a top five video, please. 🙏🙏🙏 All of his top positional queen sack games were won with Black, too, no less! ❤️😱

  16. @James Canty I want to beat carlsen badly how can I do it??

  17. Still waiting for T5 moves of Capa by GingerGM

  18. On #5 at the very end there, instead of forking after Rxa2, you go Rxf2+, then collect the White rook on a2 after the king gets out of check. Win the bishop and the rook.

  19. In the first game against Nimzowitsch, it's worth noting that 59…h3! is the only winning move.

  20. The game against Lasker is game no. 11 in their world championship match.

  21. The last endgame: Nd3 Ra2 Nc1 as NM Canty mentioned. My question is that instead of Nc1, doesn't Rf2 make sense, cause it wins both white pieces?

  22. 18:29 this is already a lose position right? after Rh1 there is nothing white can do right? if Be1 we just gonna take and we still have Nc2 winning the Rook, or am I missing something? cause he said it Be1 can block the queen. if I'm right that means Kc4 is a missed win.

  23. Goat must show why he is goat. Wish we all could see magnus vs capa

  24. I feel like Magnus is overrated. It was tested that Capablanca was more accurate, but media makes us think Magnus is better or some shit like that. There are literally so many more better players than magnus. (Hikaru, Garry, Fischer, etc).

  25. 8:08 the only way to activate the Bishop is by playing f4 and after g take on f4 or if you wish after e take on f4 and after bh2 followed by bg1 f3 this is the only way to activate the bishop but being a pawn down against capablanca is suicidal

  26. Can You Make the five best endgames of Magnus Carlsen? Please?

  27. You sound like h3h3. Nice vid by the way.

  28. You must have shown his endgame against tartakower. His famous endgame

  29. This is insightful but I have to pause every few seconds to view the board properly. Any recommendations in regards to videos or teachers for low hundred to low thousand players? Plz & Ty & GG

  30. Good analysis and very fine technique by Capablanca!

  31. Be nice if you would show the whole game leading up to the endgame

  32. The greatest to ever played the game, the great Capablanca

  33. Capablanca: Breaths
    NM James Canty: That was a strong move
    Capablanca: Hangs his queen
    NM James Canty: That was not the best move, but it also wasn't bad
    IDK if it's breathes or breaths

  34. In 5 Atkins lost but he had the better mustache for the entire game.

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