Jose Capablanca’s Top Five Endgames

Join NM @James Canty III as he breaks down the top 5 endgames of Jose Capablanca!

José Raúl Capablanca was the third world chess champion (1921-1927). He is widely accepted as one of the greatest players of all time. During an 8 year period spanning from 1916-1924, Capablanca did not lose a single tournament game! His record of 40 wins and 23 draws over this period (where he also became world champion) was unprecedented.

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  1. Capablanca didn't study and become World Chess Champion, so then why should I study Chess?

  2. Would you give a bit more analysis about why Winter resigned?

  3. James canty always a good feature on the channel

  4. In Opening, think like Fischer,In Middle game, think like Tal,In Endgame, think like Capablanca,Calculate like Kasparov,Thats what Magnus Carlsen do.

  5. I’m really good at end games. I usually blunder my queen in five moves and just end the game

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