Judit Polgar on Importance of Opening, Middlegame and Endgame in Chess

chess24 catches Grandmaster Judit Polgar at the FIDE Chess Olympiad in Chennai.

GM Polgar talks about her legendary endgame and attacking skills, which aspect of chess beginners should study first, and how young players are becoming so strong so fast.

You can check out Judit Polgar’s Chessable course on endgames here:

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  1. Just bought her course after watching this. She teaches at a great relaxed pace which is very helpful.

  2. Such an intelligent women and gracious, too.

  3. ok i didnt watch the video but i mean this title though? Imagine that… the 3 parts of chess… are important lol? This is like saying the 3 parts of a healthy life! Sleep, Breath, Eat… huh… didnt see that one coming… Now i am assuming she talks about the difference in importance and the importance at different levels of chess (that would make much more sense) but of course the title does not convey that message lol. Just really hating youtube titles lately i guess. Anyway, Judith is QUEEN! 🙂

  4. She is absolutely right, how to choose between the beginning, the middle game and the finals to progress, everyone has to do according to their needs but in the end everything is linked, there is a beginning, a middle and an end to everything, in my opinion we must therefore start by studying the beginning then the middle then the finals, logic ?!

  5. Every chess lover has a crush on Judit once in a while ❤️🌷

  6. What an idiotic line of questions. Just say you're here to try and sell the thing. Don't try to pretend it's anything else. Thanks!

  7. kind a painful to listen to the interviewer wrestle with the question he wants to ask, but with Judit, the interview goes well anyone.

  8. Her and her sisters’ story is just about the most interesting upbringing

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