Karpov’s Endgame Mastery for Beginners (Beginner Chess Strategy)

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The 3-Volume, 270+ min chess DVD “Russian School of Chess” is a timeless classic for instructing beginner and intermediate chess players on all phases of the game. Volume 1 covers the fundamentals of the opening, Volume 2 covers Karpov’s perspective on positional strategy in the middlegame, and Volume 3 features an awesome class on the endgame. The combination of former World Chess Champion Karpov’s incredibly deep understanding of positional play and endgame technique with GM Dzindzichashvili’s specialty in the opening creates a classic chess DVD series that belongs in the training repertoire of any beginner and intermediate chess player. Although Karpov was a World Chess Champion for over 15 total years, he has a special knack for breaking chess down and making things easily understandable for beginners. The 3-part chess DVD series “Russian School of Chess” is a comprehensive overview of chess that is guaranteed to take your game to the next level! In the below excerpt from Volume 3 “Karpov’s Endgame Strategies” Karpov and Dzindzichashvili go back to the basics of king and pawn endgames to promote strong endgame fundamentals for the viewers.


  1. When did Gérard Depardieu start playing chess?!

  2. i suck at endgames…cause usually they resign in the middle game :p

  3. even if this is basic stuff its so amazing to watch karpov at the board and listen-its like a private lesson

  4. very nice. endgames are very hard. A little mistake and it's over.

  5. wow Dzindzichashvili is like a big ogre compared to Karpov.

  6. absolutely – these videos are some of my favorites. great for players of all levels to review the fundamentals with karpov!

  7. He is a smart ogre 🙂 Respect both for Karpov, whom I consider a bit underrated player considering his stats agains Kasparov 19+ 21- 104 draws. That is a stat that really makes one ask if Karpov was the second strongest player ever.

    From Dzindi I have learned a lot and really love Dzindi-Indian

  8. Yay Roman Dzindzisjadfaksjhas…..Nah im kidding..its thanks to you onlinechesslesson team and Romans videos that made me the chess player i am today(Elo rating 2031).

  9. That man is like Andre the Giant. Or Karpov is a dwarf.

  10. your kink! becomes the most powerful in endgame :bd

  11. The title is a blatant self-contradiction, also Roman Dzindzichashvili's image at the bottom right looks like the late Saddam Hussein.

  12. Very good video, almost hypnotizing commentary… I'm a sucker for eastern european accents

  13. With all my respect to both Averbakh is better.

  14. They both can speak Russian without accent. U wanna learn some Russian, like Bobby Fischer?

  15. No, I reckon I won't need the Russian language.

  16. I love how introduces karpov like he's a celebrity or something, quickly says his name after talking so slowly

  17. Thanks Arsene! We are running a summer sale right now with coupon code youtube30 for 30% OFF all DVDs in our shop at onlinechesslessonsDOTnet

  18. He is a celebrity, in chess eyes. One of the best ever.

  19. why did Bobby Fisher learn russian? lol to hear in on their strats? xD

  20. Not only against Kasparov. His stats in general are just impressive! He won hundreds of tournaments in his chess career. If people were more objective in their evaluation of a chess player, Karpov would at least be among the three greatest players ever. Besides, he was able to develop his own style, hard to emulate, subtle, incredibly deep and ingenious.

  21. Karpov looks like the ending of a rage comic. Who's with me? If you don't know what I'm talking about, google rage comic.

  22. Thank you for uploading all 3 videos! I would just like to point out that even though these videos are meant for begginers, karpov throws out so many golden nuggets of useful information that almost anyone can take away several useful things. Do you have any other karpov videos coming? Thanks again!

  23. In chess we have the habit of using World champions to explain concepts like King + pawns vs King. That's like hiring a science nobel price to teach kids in the kindergarten that if you have two apples and you eat one, that yields one apple left.

  24. Wow, I was surprised to see the size difference of these two men when the sideways shot was shown. They face you they look the same. But compared, one is a giant and another halfling.

  25. My openings are good. My middle game is strong. My end game is like cat and mouse around the board, to which I either make a stupid blunder, or it takes me effort to get mate. Any tips for practicing end games without having to play the game from the start? Like software or something? I do a lot of end game puzzles but I find them easy and they don't relate to my games. Thanks in advance.

  26. A Karpov YouTube channel would have been so awesome. Now he's probably happy enough to let the youngsters do that.

  27. More young players (specifically "children"and teens need to watch this, it was explained really well.

  28. very good vídeo thanks!!😃 , in other side in the 08:05 minute i think black gets draw playing f5!! instead kf7

  29. Raymond Keene's book on the Karpov-Korchnoi World Title Match depicted the battle as the Soviet tool of the State vs the Soviet defector, evil vs good. For many years I maintained the wrong idea about Karpov based upon that. He's got some different ideas about political systems for sure but as a human being he's not unlike any of us and also has many admirable qualities.

  30. Thank you for this great video. Karpov is not only a chess genius but also an admirable person

  31. Thank you for this great video. Karpov is not only a chess genius but also an admirable person.

  32. GM Dzindzichashvilli pretending he doesnt know this is actually pretty hilarious lol

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