Karpov’s Endgame Mastery for Beginners (Beginner Chess Strategy)

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The 3-Volume, 270+ min chess DVD “Russian School of Chess” is a timeless classic for instructing beginner and intermediate chess players on all phases of the game. Volume 1 covers the fundamentals of the opening, Volume 2 covers Karpov’s perspective on positional strategy in the middlegame, and Volume 3 features an awesome class on the endgame. The combination of former World Chess Champion Karpov’s incredibly deep understanding of positional play and endgame technique with GM Dzindzichashvili’s specialty in the opening creates a classic chess DVD series that belongs in the training repertoire of any beginner and intermediate chess player. Although Karpov was a World Chess Champion for over 15 total years, he has a special knack for breaking chess down and making things easily understandable for beginners. The 3-part chess DVD series “Russian School of Chess” is a comprehensive overview of chess that is guaranteed to take your game to the next level! In the below excerpt from Volume 3 “Karpov’s Endgame Strategies” Karpov and Dzindzichashvili go back to the basics of king and pawn endgames to promote strong endgame fundamentals for the viewers.


  1. I love these. I've watched all 3 now. Are there any more?

  2. My end game is by far my weakest. This video was really great. Now I know how to draw against a King Pawn ending.

  3. Anatoly karpov is great chess world champion!! I love his chess game too!

  4. This lessons are getting better and better.Karpov makes it look so easy.

  5. Actually, this one was a little confusing. It's obviously the fault of whoever came with the idea of having a third person move the pieces on the virtual chessboard while the GMs are talking us through the positions. The "rule of the triangle" which I hoped to learn from the the vid came as a jumbled mes of actual moves and position rewinds, all out of sync with the explanations.

  6. im a leisure player didnt knew dat it required such great level of understanding well done sir

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