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King in the square, opposition, triangulation, pawn races, and more! In this video I explain all of the main principles and ideas in basic king and pawn endgames. This is focused on beginners and intermediate players and will teach you the basics of chess endgames involving kings and pawns only. and amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. Chess Vibes continues to be the best chess channel I've found for beginning to intermediate players (including myself, I'm ~1200). The lucid discussion of key principles is instantly applicable and improves the viewers games in a meaningful, tangible way.

    I've gotten to the point where even if a video coves some topic I think I know, I watch the video anyway. Nelson manages to impart more depth of understanding cover obscure aspects with clarity. If you care about improving your game Chess Vibes is always worth the time. Keep making the great content Nelson, it's awesome and greatly appreciated.

    One suggestion, which is not actually related to the content: can you get more variety in your merch? I'd love to support the channel by buying some, but I don't particularly dig logo items. Check out the (very awesome) shirts available from Hanging Pawns (one of my other favorite chess channels). I like those so much I have 3 of them, and my son has 1 too. Maybe work with a graphic designer to create some new concepts so we can sport the awesome Chess Vibes swag.

  2. I know a guy who doesn't play chess because it's too easy

  3. My man you are a great teacher! Thanks for all your content, it has been loads of help!

  4. If triangulation doesn't work, try strangulation 😁

  5. I like the triangulation rule,I think I was missing that in all my pawn end games,wow

  6. Great insights on these situations which I regularly bungle against the computer.

  7. Thanks you are an awesome teacher 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Wow just wow you are a great teacher agadmator was my favorite but you are now

  9. Triangulation. I don't understand how triangulating wins here. I could understand it if Black's king were confined to two squares and couldn't triangulate. But here, Black's king can also triangulate e7/e8/d8.

  10. Such a useful video! Keep them coming!!

  11. Give me your postal adress, i will send you a bottle of french wine to thanks you to de so teaching.

  12. Great job explaining "The rule of the square" which you termed "the box". Magnus tried to explain it but couldn't. Wow!
    I first learned about "The rule of the square" from some guy in the early 70s. I had it down, but then forgot it. Your explanation is the best I've encountered because you're not doing the triangle way of understanding it. And what's really important is remembering to keep your king in the box and keep his king out, and if he changes his strategy, you must change yours.

  13. It’s crazy to know with this knowledge I can beat stockfish14 in these specific endgames

  14. Amazing how chess gets more complicated as the pieces get fewer

  15. Hi Nelson. Great video. But can you please tell me who got the winning position on 17:48 after white move his king to E2?

  16. 11:12 I am a lawyer. I LOVE words which sound fancy but actually have a simple meaning.

  17. The problem is in rapid, bullet or blitz, we often don't have enough time in the endgame to consider all possibilities. It's better to study the endgame early.


  19. Really helpfull video. Thanks so much for making these videos!

  20. This is so crazy helpful, it’s not even funny

  21. Is there a way to get a corner pawn to queen when the other king is trying to stop you?

  22. You are the best chess tutor on yt. Clear, concise, and relevant, without difficult notation-speak. Your videos are jam-packed and fast, not like others that take 2 or 3 times longer to get the same concepts across. So far, for me, personally – this particular video is the one I stand to gain the most from, as these queening and king opposition patterns are not obvious, and are quite esoteric. Thank you, thank you, thank you. bows
    (from a 1500 elo player)

  23. This is a very valuable video, thank you!

  24. Back in the day, by law it was the kings right to get into the box when she got married 😂

  25. After looking at like 500 videos, this is truly the best. Showing some actual examples at the end also. Thanks a ton.

  26. I think around 15:00 , you might mention opposition: by white moving to d5, there is no way for black to maintain opposition, because the white pawn covers d7.

  27. FEN for the final example – 8/2k2p2/4p1p1/1p5p/7P/PPK2PP1/8/8 w – – 0 1

  28. Very instructional video
    I didn't knew that there is a thing like triangulation in chess
    Thank you so much sir

  29. Best chess commentator on you tube bar NONE!!
    Thanks Nelson

  30. I hear lots of people saying that endgames are boring to study (GothamChess, I'm looking at you). I'm actually quite fascinated by endgames. Thank you for the great instruction!

  31. I love your videos and this is another great one. However at 9' 10" in you say it's a draw if it's white's move, and I think you might point out that that's not the case if all pieces are moved up three ranks so black is on the 8th rank. Then it's a win for white because black cannot move back when he has to.

  32. Your video is make me a good end game player ,thanking you

  33. Very nice video. Hard to even suggest any improvement.

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