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King in the square, opposition, triangulation, pawn races, and more! In this video I explain all of the main principles and ideas in basic king and pawn endgames. This is focused on beginners and intermediate players and will teach you the basics of chess endgames involving kings and pawns only. and amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. Love your chess tutorials!! You are a good chess teacher.

  2. I appreciate your efforts sir you are doing all this for free i hope i will be acquiring and practically implementing these on my games and hopefully be a good chess player

  3. As usual great course. Clear and precise! Thanks!

  4. Exactly what I needed. Great video.

  5. I love your chess videos!! ❤❤❤

  6. Definitely learning alot thanks 👍🏾 4 the videos

  7. This guy said "the box is too small so the black king cannot enter the box"

  8. Very useful video. Thank you very much for posting it.

  9. I need videos like this. I lose end games when im up like 4 pawns ):

  10. Great instructional video! The triangulation trick is neat

  11. Came here from agadmator
    (not that I am a subscriber from 636 or something)

  12. Shitty that agadmator didnt link your channel or anything

  13. Amazing videos brother. I’m glad to be a subscriber. How long have you been playing?

  14. Your channel is way underrated! Keep up the great work 👍

  15. very helpful! I'm studying endgames a lot now as its my biggest weakness

  16. ശമീം മന്നമ്പത് | shameem mannambath says:

    Emd game techniques you explained awsome dude…. 💯💯

  17. Hey man, just want to say that i have binged your videos and you have learned me a lot

  18. Thank you for this video! When the example came up at 15:04 I immediately thought Ke5 to cut off the enemy King. No wonder I seem to blow so many end games even when I'm ahead.

    Very glad to have come across your channel, it's so full of wonderful little ideas and concepts. You are a good teacher.

  19. Good video idea I think would be a dedicated one on Pawn Structures, mainly beginning and middlegame but maybe some on endgame which you’ve kind of covered here. gothamchess has one but he’s annoying to listen to

  20. You present information in an easy to understand manner. Thank you!

  21. Damn dude, you're a beast! Amazing teaching, keep it up!

  22. Brilliant video. I really appreciate your work. This piece of knowledge is really going to help me a lot.

  23. You do the best job explaining the Pawn Box and the critical question is if the opposing King can enter the box to know if the King will win the Pawn-King race.
    As always- love your work!

  24. I don't understand why at 6:46 'Black can get a draw in this position everytime by going straight back' and White can't use triangulation (12:44) to win.

  25. It just occurred to me – if the pawns can be promoted to Queens, doesn't that mean that all the pawns are females??? 😁
    (I guess they can also be underpromoted to knights, bishops and rooks, but who's to say those can't be females as well? …well, maybe not the bishop, because the church is sexist…)

  26. at 19:10, the black king moved into the "A" file. I don't think black would have realistically done that. It would have made more sense to move his pawn to f6. That way, the white king wouldn't have been able to approach. Is it still winning for white after that?

  27. I really appreciate that you review your videos and add corrective graphics when you misspeak.

  28. 5:45 The white pawn was actually an black spy bishop who killed white king when no one expected.

  29. Could you give me tips on how to practice alone.

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