Knight and Pawn Endgames – Beginner Chess Endgame Video

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In this free preview excerpt from my latest chess DVD for beginners entitled ¨Winning Chess Endgames for Beginners¨ – we´re going to take a look at a few critical positions in Knight and Pawn endgames. Specifically, we will examine targeted examples to increase our understanding of essential concepts such as zugzwang, blockading, and deflection (The deflection technique is especially important in Knight and Pawn endgames!). Below you will find the starting positions for the three exercises from the video – I recommend you try to solve these positions before watching the video and then compare your responses.

Interface used ICC:


  1. Thanks however I don't understand why you don't explain the idea at 11:13 of black instead of moving King to e6; to sac his pawn to f6 to if White takes now with the knight obviously not because the black king is at f5 so it would snap that g5 pawn. And if white takes with the pawn -defended by the knight on h7 then we have a runner with black playing g5 and drawing the game… So I didn't use computers so what am I missing.. thanks puzzled amateur

  2. very instructive video, is there a chance of bishop and pawn endgames coming? XD

  3. nice stuff – best way to train simple endgame techniques is IMO on the chesstempo. com server – I have often seen basics like Lucena positions spoiled into a draw by quite strong players – but 200 times played against a server and you win it against anybody

  4. Yes! We´ve got that scheduled to publish on Friday, October 5th. You can also find the entire 4 hour DVD at our online shop – I´d be glad to offer you a 50% off discount on the digital version totaling $7 USD, just use chessfan50 at checkout. That coupon expires on Friday, October 5th. Cheers, Will

  5. great stuff Will very intering and instructiver, thanks for uploading this.

  6. this is EPIC! I'd love to see some more endgames, that's my favourite part of the game!

  7. Excellent! Thank you so much for this preview, Will.

  8. sure thing buddy – thanks for checking it out and glad to hear you enjoyed it

  9. agreed – chesstempo is an awesome site for chess training

  10. thanks! i really enjoyed studying some more endgames – its been a while as i´ve been more focused on updating my openings lately. i think my next project will be more advanced endings like Minor Piece Imbalances, Rook and Pawn, and Queen and Pawn endgames. Cheers, Will

  11. Thanks for the video, it's great. Already went an bought the series as well as a few others. Please keep up your fantastic work. Your an amazing benefactor for chess all over the world. 🙂

  12. Who's that smiling cat at the beginning of this video mate?

  13. That is a really nice video, please make more endgame videos! 🙂

  14. Thanks – glad to hear you enjoyed it. I recently released part 2 of this series on Bishop Endings – also I am working on a part 3 with Rook and Pawn endings as well – Cheers, Will

  15. We´re looking forward your new endgame videos!
    Thank you.

  16. Got any tips against computers? They barely make mistakes – I can't seem to beat the Grandmaster level of a chess app I picked off the stores. =( Thanks!

  17. That comment made me laugh xD! I beat them all, except for grandmaster =(! Thanks anyway *Haha*!

  18. "You can never win too much". Hahah I love you man 😀

  19. Thanks for the video. I learning a lot with you.

  20. Very Nice video.. thanks for it.. lot to learn from it

  21. Thanks Nishad – I´d be glad to offer you a 30% coupon for the entire 4 hour DVD on endgames – shoot me a personal message if interested. Cheers, Will

  22. This is JinChess for Mac on ICC. To highlight squares or make arrows, simply right-click

  23. One of the most entertaining chess videos i've watched. thanks!

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