Knight Vs Bishop Endgame | Principles of Chess Endgames | GM Naroditsky

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  1. I already feel so much more confident while playing endgames now that I have started watching this series.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL way to turn ONE position into an entire endgame lecture !!! This was simply teaching perfection personified !!!

  3. Great video. Above my skill level but very enjoyable and I could still follow along a little bit. I noticed that someone with the name Pinto subscribed towards the end, wonder if he's related to the opponent.

  4. Was it some kind of special episode ? Cause the previous ones were very scholatic, like a textbook, and this one felt just like "hey look at this insane stuff".

    Don't take me wrong, it was great, i just wanna make sure that i'm not missing any episode, or that the real fun happens on twitch for instance

  5. This series has won me about 100 Elo in blitz and maybe 50 in rapid

  6. As great as a player as danya is, I think his true gift is the ability to teach and coach. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he understands the steps needed to explain and to challenge his audience/students.

  7. Thank you Danya, my head hurts now😂 This is ridiculous. I can't imagine having to find all those moves during a game.

  8. I have to agree with other commenters that I dislike that this was recorded on stream and not made youtube specific. Obviously its your channel, you can do whatever you want but that's how I feel

  9. Man..this has to be rewatched a few times. Great video

  10. Ah. The hardest part of the problem is figuring out there is was even a problem. Far too easy to assume a free win and somehow not get it.

  11. This endgame is like a perfect sunset–beautiful, awesome, and also a little overwhelming if you stop to think about it.

  12. another episode of the endgame theory! THANK YOU DANIEL

  13. 9:18
    I like how he smiles a little bit every time when he mentions "PAWN TROUSERS"
    Never change Danya! ;)))

  14. Hey Daniel. It was beautiful and all but I preferred the pawn breakthrough video as it was more general and englobed lots of situations.

  15. 30:00 what if ne4+, kxf5 and fxg? The king can't take the knight or the g pawn marches, the knight is protecting the g pawn, and the white king is free to take the e pawn and come forward? (Instead of fxg straight away which was the draw line you discussed)

  16. A1 Endgame series. Thank you so much, Danya.

  17. obsessed with this series. really looking forward to some content on like queens + rooks with fairly even pawns on board. I always get super confused and drop all my pawns haha

  18. Wow what an endgame..keep them coming GM the way how you explain this in our understanding so to speak. I definitely learn about these concepts and idea's. Keep up your great work and vids. Cheers!

  19. Endgame principles : chuck you pawns because they're weaknesses, sack your minor pieces, Zugzwang is your strongest piece. JK, JK . Great content.

  20. 15:45 "This is incredible moment # 1" – Danya after showing 37 incredible moves already

  21. One of the most beautiful chess videos I have seen.

  22. As a 2700 online player this was really interesting and a good mental exercise, thanks!

  23. What I'm learning is that I really need to stop trying to play 5 minute games. I feel like I couldn't even begin to appreciate the implications of these positions without playing 15-30. (at least, my level).

  24. I have truly enjoyed your endgame series to date.
    This is a crazy beautiful example of the complexities of the end game (much above my level -1100). This level of analysis is beyond my current level while over the board. Something to strive and work for.
    I am looking forward to future installments of this series.

  25. This one ended game position has an entire opening book worth of theory! Imagine if you could calculate all of these lines in your head during a game?!? How many hundreds and hundreds of moves would you need to calculate to exhaust all possible lines?!?!

  26. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    What do you think of Josh Waitzkin's knight Vs bishop endgame videos in chessmaster?

  27. 20:13 fuck fuck fuck! I was calculating like crazy round and round to find the difference between g4 and h4. I found the same drawing idea for both moves and even saw the cool Nh2+ but I just ignored that after g4 white can simply play h4.

  28. ….Endgames often look deceivingly simple… just wow

  29. Wow this beats a lot of studies and compositions 😵‍💫 Watched this for 38 minutes, simply amazing!

  30. Amazing endgame! This is why chess is such a great game, there are endless surprices where you think you've ruled out every idea, and then lightning strikes!! And thank you for making so much great material. You've a brilliant way of pausing , asking questions and guide you through the thoughtprocess of a grandmaster. I greatly enjoy your way of going through games on speedrun where you play and giude through the whole game. Most teachers moves breifly through a buch of moves stops at the peak moment and analyses that moment in great detail, wich is interesting but not as useful in practical play as getting to follow the plans moving from the opening through the middlegame and on to the endgame.

  31. DANY the best chess youtuber ever!

  32. I would not have won that endgame even with the help of a computer 😂

  33. Could you explain the 'shouldering'. I feel like im getting shouldered all the time

  34. I was barely following the lines in this video… This video is a perfect example to show how complex endgames can be.

  35. I love your passion for chess, it makes me smile ❤

  36. Where can I find exercises to practice those concepts?

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