Knight vs Pawns | Beginner to Master | Principles of Chess Endgames

In this video, we transition from pawn endgames to our second type of endgame, which features the king and knight (with or without pawns) fighting against a king and pawn(s). Through the lens of countless instructive examples, we cover all of the important positions that you have to know in order to succeed with either side. Whether you have the knight or the pawns, you will come away with a superior understanding of the positions to aim for and avoid whether you are trying to win or draw!

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  1. It is heaven of Earth when Danya releases another Endgame video! Thank you Mr Naroditsky, I have a lot of respect for you, you do these hour long videos which require days and weeks worth of effort and the quality of the result is top notch. And you do this all for free, you have the full support from my heart dear sir. You're a gem

  2. Great video and great series so far danya. Thank you for making all this available for free. I’m waiting most for the rook endgames and queen endgames those seem to me the be most common and complex. also same color bishops.

  3. Very good series. Even though, most strong players can "brute force" simple endgames. Having seen them before must be extremely important to quickly realize the ideas in time trouble.

  4. Just blundered a draw in a king and knight endgame. Shoulda watched earlier!

  5. Really instructive, looking forward to next lesson

  6. Great series Danya! Super helpful and easily digestable, appreciate all the work you put into this for us and looking forward to the next episode! I’ll be sure to rewatch this series whenever I forget anything too

  7. This is the premiere learning channel. This is a library of chess mastery.

  8. These videos are so important to players who want to improve but don’t know exactly what to study. Thank you so much Danya! Very much appreciated!!

  9. Pushing for Danya to be chess streamer of the year (he was nominated by Ludwig for the Streamer Award) I can't put the link 😭

  10. I actually got mated with only a knight and me being with a rook pawn few weeks ago. I thought i can never lose this endgame 😀 so i accidentally boxed myself into a corner and was mad as hell when i got checkmated. Now it will never happen again 😀 I have played over 6k games, and this occured once.

  11. Thanks so much for these end game videos Danya, they’ve helped me improve my rating and win more games than I ever thought I could.

  12. Great content, thank you Danya!)
    Can you do more endgames like
    Rook vs Past pawn,
    Queen vs Rook,
    Rook + pawn vs Rook?

  13. Thank you so much for making these. Your speed runs have made me the player I am, and this endgame series has already helped me tremendously with my fundamental understanding of the game. When I started on my chess journey I found Levy and he taught me a great deal. I stumbled upon your videos though, and everything changed. I know everyone says this but it is amazing that you offer this for free. I paid for some of levy's courses but learned more from your speed runs. Now I advocate you to all of my friends who show interest in chess. I am excited for more opening videos like the one you did with the kings gambit, but I will wait patiently because I know this endgame series is probably a lot of work.

  14. I admire the fact that a man that young makes a coach that mature. Thank you very much!

  15. These lessons are truly valuable! Endgames are my next topic of study and I need to digest them as much as possible. I can't thank you enough for these great lessons. Thank you very much for the incredible quality you continue to bring to us all.

  16. Another amazing video which makes a person wonder how Danya can keep making such quality content for free. At the very least I will keep shilling for you on Reddit anytime I get the chance.

  17. God I love these so much! I can't tell you the amount of times I have during my game thought, "ahh there's a deepfreeze" or "nice, trousers! Now he's busted!"! You have literally completely reshaped my inner chess monologue vocabulary and understanding with these endgame videos!

  18. Amazing content. I watched a video about a gueen vs rook endgame and still couldn't understand that pattern, looked so random. Hope you'll make a video in the future about this theme because you are a great teacher

  19. Thanks so much Danya. Yes you are suceeding in creating the ultimate Endgame Bible. I do have books on endgames but I haven't been able to bring myself to properly study them… With your videos, I know I still have much to review, understand and practice, but it is comprenhensive and full of life. I have never had a chess teacher so most of what I understand nowadays about endgames is thanks to you!

  20. I feel like I got a private lesson with Danya by watching this, such a rich video series that I’ll need to rewatch multiple times.

  21. These are fantastic. I'm really looking forward to your treatment of rook endgames.

  22. 57:59 Alas 1…Kb4 loses! 2.g8=Q d3+ 3. Kd1!! and now if c2+ then 4. Kd2 Ne2 5. Qb8+ Kc5 6. Qc7+ Kd5 7. h5 c1=Q+ 8. Qxc1 Nxc1 White has the time to play 9. h6 and there is no 9…d2 saving the day, because the d-pawn is mechanically blocked by the king! Was the king in b2 instead, then 9…d2 and there is a draw, because if 10. Kc2?? Ke3 11. h7 Ke2 and Black even wins. Horizon effect…

  23. Love this video. I recently hit 1800 and I find that almost nobody has a solid handle on these endgames despite them coming up semi-frequently. There's a lot of blunders made by both the side with the knight and the side without in these endgames, either blundering a fork, or letting a blockade slip away etc. Going to rewatch this one for sure

  24. Half decent jobs?! What's the opposite sentence of don't flatter yourself?

  25. Danya, I love these videos! I'm eternally grateful for your passion and commitment to this series. I hope that you'll never stop posting such educational videos, because you have an amazing talent for teaching.

  26. Сильно удивила фраза: "и если Вы досмотрели, до этого, момента, спасибо Вам". Из-за чего хотелось бы сказать, Даниил, это Вам спасибо за эти невероятно полезные и насыщенные видео.

  27. I would say one of my biggest problems with chess is knowing when the tactics are mandatory. For instance, most of the times you tell me to pause the video and find the only sequence to win, I have no problem. Yet, if I were playing the game, I probably wouldn't realize I'm in a situation where there's only one tactic that wins. It's very strange. I'm not sure if it's pressure, or a lack of experience. I'm guessing now that I've watched this video, I will be more cautious of these types of endgames, but it's only one scenario out of millions. What is it for advanced players that alerts them to tactical opportunities? Is it just studying, and then seeing something familiar in game?

  28. Magnus on chessbrah right now was looking for strong blitz partner

  29. I love this kind of educating contents, plz continue ✊️

  30. These videos are absolutely amazing. I've watched them multiple times. Best chess content on youtube by far

  31. What is the endgame guide he referred to at the beginning of the video?

  32. 28:22 position is not a draw. White can go Nb6, taking away the c8 square from the Black king and enabling White to go Kb8 the next move, ensuring promotion.

    This doesn't take anything away from the excellent content though. Thank you Danya, much appreciated.

  33. Daniel, did you stop the endgame playlist? :S

  34. amazing content. It was very cool to look at positions and understand the pawn concepts and be able to focus on the knight content. Thanks for building a stronger me

  35. Please make the next one! Your endgame videos are brilliant!

  36. 1:05 can anyone tell me the name of the book that Daniel is referring to? i dont have earphones and the subtitles are a little broken it seems.

  37. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    COOL you actually didn't give up on the endgame series unlike some channels. looking forward to see what your series has that josh waitzkin doesn't have. this looks like it will be like a free version of what Karsten Müller has on chessbase. like finally there'll be a free, complete and online endgame series that's actually in order. cf

    1 – st louis chess club videos are free and online (and maybe complete?) but don't seem to have an order. they seem to be more like supplements to an actual series.

    2 – Karsten Müller isn't free

    3 – josh waitzkin isn't complete

  38. Hey Daniel, please keep the endgame videos coming. I had mostly watched opening or tactics videos up until now and, while everything is important, I feel those elements of the game are like fireworks, they are flashy and fun, but I now realize I had been neglecting videos on endgames and positional play, which I realize are necessary elements to complement the tactics and gain a deeper understanding of the game and hopefully get out of the 1300-1400 elo rut I have been stuck in for a while now. I almost think people should reverse the usual order and learn endgames first and backtrack from there to middlegames and eventually openings, since understanding if an endgame is winning or not can justify (or not) trading down pieces. Also, I loved how you showed in the pawn race video how positional play such as deciding which square to move your king to to open up a file for the passer can unlock or avoid tactics such as a skewer or a check winning a tempo. In any case, I would like to personally thank you for such high quality and instructive videos, you really have managed to break down concepts that seem complicated into basic elements so that anybody can understand them. These are proving to be some of the best educational chess videos available. Keep it up!

  39. Danya, please keep making more end game videos, i already watched and learned them all)

  40. Powerful. Master these concepts…deeply…and the wins will rack up.

  41. Nice line,nice example of endgame often use in real game

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