Learn Queen vs Rook Endgame in just 1 min😲


  1. Nice way to learn endgames, @Bishop vs Knight

  2. In just one minute? Hell naw! This endgame is harder than bishop vs knight, this gonna take at least 3 hours of studying.

  3. When you waste time trying to capture the rook when all you needed was opposition for check mate….

  4. Where are harassment defence and 3rd rank defence?

  5. Please explain why you never play a check with the Queen in between the opposed kings when the Rook is right next to the white King. I don't get why this check is avoided

  6. Would have played h5 something I think so the queen will check the king and eat the rook

  7. Too much of a hassle, just call it draw already 😴

  8. I thought you were gonna checkmate when the beat dropped..

  9. Its really not that simple. If your unlucky you will have to break the fourth row defense third row defense and Second row defense. Humans are usually scared to do the third and fourth Rank defense since it requires the rook to move away from the King. But Second row defense can be somewhat tricky and definetely not possible to learn to break in a minute

  10. me when I had 600 elo check check check check check check oo free rook takes, wow another stalemate huh

  11. Just read the title and just saying that you're not going to learn QKvRK endgame in just one minute.

  12. Although i don't care about the queen vs rook part….damn is that a brilliant move????

  13. I thought you are teach us how to play with just king and queen vs king and queen 😑

  14. I would be happier losing with abrilliant move.

  15. Pero si queda el rey solo debería ser empate porque no puedes hacer jake mate con el rey

  16. If I was there I use my king as a cover for queen and make it a checkmate easy peasy

  17. the rook can stay on the 3rd rank… preventing king from getting in and stalemate ideas as well

  18. Why you dont capture the fucking rook and win?

  19. Ok green the king is going to top right, who’s saying it goes in that diagonal move, it can just go up and down to draw cos it knows it is gonna lose

  20. u could easily take the the rook but u kept contuinouing

  21. Binod फुलेरा वाला says:

    Please make full video dedicated to queen vs rook endgame. It's very difficult to win with side having queen. Something rook goes mad, forces stalemates. Sometimes it takes a 35 precise moves to win with side having queen. Please try to upload full length strategy video.

  22. Ok now learn me how to checkmate with the queen

  23. Please show us 3rd rank defence.. So difficult against the computer.

  24. Bruh why can't you kill a one rook

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