Learn Queen vs Rook Endgame in just 1 min😲


  1. bro ofc the rook dies thats a queen 💀

  2. POV: you’re playing chess and suddenly this music plays:

  3. I just searched for this video while playing the same situation. +11

  4. I don’t know why I love the sound with this hahhaj

  5. 15 years ago I never would've thought we'd be getting endgame tactics shorts to beat drops, something about these two things together is hilarious and just makes me feel optimistic for this year.

    Chess is becoming popular again!

  6. Сделано в Казахстане says:

    Иам можно было b5 – A4

  7. Ok, so checkmating with only a king and a queen is quite difficultReason : The 16 Moves rules states that if only a king is left on either side, the king should be checkmated within his 16 moves otherwise it's a draw

  8. I thinked you Go show How to CHECKMATE with the rook

  9. "wins rook by perpetual" do you even know what perpetual means?

  10. I saw two exclamation marks surrounded by cyan and i just got hit with a dopamine shot what the duck this is epic

  11. You missed an opportunity to fork the king and rook

  12. I actually just got a queen v queen checkmate earlier today accidentally
    It's like the queen v rook but way more stressful

  13. He would be like : Amazing king sacrifice

  14. thank u for teaching a stuff likehow a bodybuilder can break matchstickqueen is already powerfulshow something like win queen with two pieces

  15. It's easy to checkmate with king and queenMe: moving my king and queen from last one hour and ended up by making my opponent stalemate

  16. Satranç maçlarımı short videolarımda izleyebilirsiniz keyifli seyirler

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