Magnus Carlsen SAVES a LOST ENDGAME down a QUEEN. #chess

Watch GM Magnus Carlsen turn around a lost endgame and go crazy on his enemy. this enemy had no chance against Magnus Carlsen Endgame

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  1. Bro I would have been so fucking mad!!!

  2. Never Resign!!

    When you're Magus

  3. He resigned. Magnus has 0.6 seconds on the clock

  4. Влад же мог вилкой забрать коня после того как сделал ферзя

  5. why didn't he take out the knight with his king?

  6. Why didn’t he take the knight with the queen?

  7. I wonder if Artemiev should have ignored right side and moved the king towards knight to use piece-power to kill before any promotion. he wasted multiple moves on the right side, giving magnus time.

  8. Artemiev basically blundered with 3 seconds on clock which is very usual and the commentators get so excited , ridiculous

  9. Magnus didn’t miss Ne7. He knew time was a factor. By delaying the fork, and bluffing a skewer, he forced Artemiev’s K closer to the edge, enabling a mate in fewer moves. Ruthless

  10. If I was Artemiev I would definitely throw everything inside my room.

  11. That's what the "END GAME GOD" really is🥱

  12. Was queen c3 not a blunder when magnus put him in check? Because whites queen couldve taken the knight

    Edit: whites king* could've taken the knight because he was in check

  13. Can someone please explain to me how this is checkmate if king can just move to E7? (Just started learning chess)

  14. The GMs look like they been playing chess for days and days, non stop. This reminds me of a Southpark episode 😂

  15. When white doesn’t see the free knight?

  16. Why the heck does Vladislav look goth 🤣

  17. Можно было мат поставить отдав ладью

  18. Why didn't the guy take the hunged knight?

  19. Hans Niemann's ass would be swelling in this kind of situation.

  20. Chess is the only game where you see exactly how he did that but you still gotta ask "how did he do that"?

  21. What is the gauge going up and down on the left of the screen ?

  22. I dont play chess so can someone explain why white didnt take the knight near the end. Instead he went behind the knight

  23. What a save !!

    Rocket league players 😮😮😮😮😮🤙🏻

  24. Can you pin me I'm bigger fan of yours that the one you pinned claiming to get the title of your biggest fan.

  25. Vladislav looks like he just came back from gulag

  26. Wow, Magnus Carlsen is really showing his skill in this game! With the time running low for both opponents, he's managed to gain all the momentum and put his opponent on the defensive. The pressure is building, but it seems to be working in Magnus's favor as he continues to make the right moves and maintain control of the game. It's tough for his opponent not to resign, but it's impressive to see how they managed to play with such mental toughness under these conditions. In the end, Magnus was able to secure the win with his strategic moves.

  27. But Magnus misses the fork just before his last move

  28. He would’ve lost on time if his opponent didn’t resign

  29. Bro had 0.6 seconds left and magnus really resigned

  30. What is the name of this awesome chess platform they were playing? Please.

  31. Pushing white pawn was the mistake. He had him. Tough loss

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