Magnus Carlsen Vs Hikaru Nakamura God Level Speed Chess #shorts #chess #magnuscarlsen #hikaru

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  1. İt is not good. Which one win? İt does not sportsmen.

  2. Not god level speed. They were run out of time

  3. ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ says:

    Didnt hikaru win ? He got 7 min Markus 0

  4. Magnus wanted the contact. Hikaru wasn't having it this time.

  5. Njirr greget banget sampe mangkel gak mau jabat tangan 😀

  6. This honestly IMO should just be a draw (maybe I don't watch many offline chess games, but do professional players actually try to force a win on clock?). I mean come on Hikaru, you are already famous and rich. Don't end a game like that.

  7. Hs bullet speedness didno helped jim agist the goat himself💀

  8. When my mom tells me she's in the elevator.

  9. Hikaru: “I'm so bad, only won by time. Could've done better.”

  10. You can beat Magnus Carlson one day i believe in you Hikaru

  11. who won? 9r was it a draw? i didn't get it..

  12. Now audience will be thinking who has won 😂😂😅

  13. Vishy who played 47 moves with just 1 second on the clock:🗿

  14. He got a lesson that to not waste time at starting just to show off that his brilliant and probably win

  15. chess it hurts😢…
    i said no means no…😅

  16. Literally how. If you observe carefully magnus (I know it was fast and unintentional) put the rook on the corner of a square. How did hikaru know/assume/guess that magnus played left/forward and not the other way around

  17. Why was hikaru moving so fast too? He had 7 minutes left, right?

  18. They both at the end like, fine lets go to the bar then 😅😅

  19. Why Hikaru so mad ?? Is it because Magnus wasted so much time to a losing game or at the end he pressed the clock without moving his piece 😛😛

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