Magnus Carlsen’s Best Chess Endgames 😲 GM Damian Lemos

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The chess endgame is a weak point for many average club players. These players mistakenly believe that the endgame is easy because there are fewer pieces.

Drawn to the latest trend in opening theory or exciting middlegame strategies with plenty of sacrifices, mating attacks, and tactics, some players don’t pay enough attention to the final phase of the game.

However, this means that players who do have good endgame technique can get lots of easy points and strongly increase their ratings!

The endgame is clearly a very crucial part of the game! In fact, many coaches or advanced players often tell their students or beginner players who want to take the game seriously, that they should start by learning the endgame.

Some players will even lose an endgame, and then superficially pick out a move they made in the opening as the point where they went wrong! This raises the question:

How can we learn how to handle endgames in the right way? If you are unsure how to approach a certain aspect of the game, it is always a great idea to look for a role model, a chess player with superb endgame technique.

We can learn a lot by simply analyzing the games of the masters. A chess player with an outstanding endgame technique is the World Chess Champion and world number 1, Magnus Carlsen.

Magnus’ excellent physical shape helps him to concentrate even after four or five hours of play. When many of his rivals become tired and start to play inaccurate moves, Magnus Carlsen seizes his chance and squeezes wins out of seemingly equal endgame positions.

In his latest video, GM Damian Lemos analyzes Magnus Carlsen’s best chess endgames and tries to figure out the reasons for his success at this important stage of the game.

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  1. RageAgainstTheMachine RageAgainstTheMachine says:

    Great Video GM Damian! 😃👍💯

  2. The first game looks like a weird transposition to a Sicilian? Move order is important but I’m not sure about the naming

  3. Is it MagnOOse or MagnUHs? Have I been saying it wrong this entire time?

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