Magnus Carlsen’s Endgame vs. Hikaru Nakamura’s Speed

The greatest speed chess players in history play each other in World Blitz Championship! Join @Daniel Naroditsky for this episode featuring @GMHikaru and @Magnus Carlsen playing a Scotch Game in 2014!

Check out the game:

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  1. The spotlight was all on Daniel on this one, he should definitely be the commentator for any final events especially in blitz and rapid

  2. I know so little about chess that I can't even tell who won here. But it's fun to watch!

  3. From the commentator, I was like watching a boxing game…😆

  4. I like how by the end of the game, all the surrounding tables are already empty

  5. I feel like this is the first time I fully understood a game of chess.
    Really shows how a great commentator can really change the experience.
    No wonder why the whole comment section is talking about them.

  6. The play at 7:00 could have been won by Hikaru by moving pawn d4? Carlson goes pawn, Hikaru responds the same, Carlson moves rook, maybe. If so, Hikaru brings his rook to f3 and then it's basically over. Or am I missing something?

  7. I’m a noob why was it a draw? Did they just agree to it?

  8. What about the great player from Glasgow Johnbhoy Mcaulay?

  9. This Carlsen guy is so overrated. He said he thinks 8 moves ahead, I only see him thinking 7 moves ahead. Strictly amateur.

  10. Man why they have to be so aggresive when moving the pieces

  11. I bet the commentator is a grandmaster as well

  12. So, uh, who won the match again?

    Youtube has brought me strange places

  13. I don't play chess. I'm liking the video just for the level of commentary

  14. you guys should hire/train more people like Daniel Naroditsky to do the commentary, really compelling and easy to follow, you feel the battle that's going on

  15. 2:40 gives me light's: "I take a chip with my right hand and eat it" vibes from the commentator.

  16. He could have won at 0:23 by putting queen to f6 instead of Knight, white would have then pressured the queen by putting Knight to d5 followed by the Bishop on b6 going to f2,, checkmate.

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