Magnus Winning Technique (Queen vs (Rook + 1 Pawn)) 😎🐐

In the global chess league, Magnus Carlsen shows his excellent technique for converting the queen vs (rook + 1 pawn) endgame. Watch and learn from this instructive master piece.

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Credit:- Tech Mahindra Global Chess League
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  1. Wait so the US spends 5% of the budget that goes to the military into Ukraine and people are going nuts on the amount of money being spent. When is a fraction compared to a full on war.

  2. He can either lose the rook or get checkmated. So he'll get checkmated regardless. 😅

  3. For those wondering who won.

    Magnus (hair bun guy) won, He was playing black.
    At the end, notice carefully.

    When two kings face each other with 1 row inbetween, the kings can't go upwards, and are stuck on that row.

    Meaning, the white king's next move HAS to be on the top row.

    Now white has to move.

    (Think what is blacks next move first)
    Queen to the top row straight up is Checkmate, king can't escape.

    So if White moves his rook to block that checkmate, it's a rook sacrifice, and black has a Queen where has White has nothing.

    Kay, now assume instead of moving the rook, white wants to move the king. There is only one square where the king can move, and that is right side square.

    If the white king moves there, the black king takes the rook. Again, Black will now have a Queen, while white will have nothing.

    King + Queen against only a King is checkmate eventually.
    So since all moves are either immediate checkmate, or lose the white rook and then checkmate a few moves later.

    White knew he was going to lose and resigned.
    Black won (played by Magnus, the hair bun guy)

  4. Se rindio porque en la siguiente jugada las negras hacian el mate

  5. Si Raja End Game mah emg gk ada Obat

  6. I think nepo is traumatized from world championship and as a result he loses to magnus more than he used to

  7. Яну никогда до магнуса не достать

  8. Sei nem pq o Nepo ainda jogou essa posição. Achou que o Magnus n ia saber converter um final ganho? Kkkk

  9. Its mate in one unless he moves his king

  10. Как гросы теоретическую ничью умудряются проигрывать?

  11. G7 ладья рассмотреть нет? Взятия ладьи нет,мата нет, в чем беда

  12. And here i was watching the actual game and didnt see the pc versión until half video passed 💀

  13. Guys is it just me or since White is losing at the beginning after the king moves next to the paw you can move the rook one down and if the king or queen takes it’ll be stalemate rt, because the king and queen block the lawn and the king can’t move anywhere? I’m only 800 so I don’t 100% know

  14. At the end, if Rg7, then Qh6 pins the Rook. White has to play Ke8 then Q×Rg7.

  15. OKKKK THIS BEAT SLAPS. Throw that on all your shorts trusttttt

  16. This was the worst chess Tournament ever .

  17. Bro dude this was just so many memories that I actually miss them a lot dude bro insanely

  18. Genuine question for top chess players.. I've always wondered how many moves a head do you normally plan or anticipate?

  19. Now nepiomatchi has the magnus' haircut 🔥

  20. It's not that Nepo is weak…It's Magnus Effect guys 💥

  21. Why did they stopped playing? I can't anderstand 😢

  22. Machines are able to get a draw against a lot of GM's, but Magnus technique (and people that know that ending) is much more precise.

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